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Hi All;

I wish to discuss about phase angle calculation from time waveform.
Recently I wading through a vib analysis software, In time waveform information display Phase related particulars were also displayed, But I'm sure that the data was collected in normal route survey and no pahse measurement was done.

How the phase details are calculated from an accelerometer input only? Roll Eyes
Pleas provide informationi in this regard
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It's from a single accelerometer.

The data was collected from hand held during normal route data collection. we didn't configured any phase information.
When I just wade thro' the waveform by a cursor. Every instance it's showing amplitude, time record details and phase value ( numerical ).
That's why I'm also thinking how it's possible ?
Please share your view !
@Registered Member posted:
The transducer doesn't matter because phase lag angle is typically the time interval from the Keyphasor to the next positive going peak; it is thus a signal property. The attached is from a proximity probe. If you had an accelerometer there would be 90Β° degree phase shifts for each step of integration.

John from PA

Thank you, I can download the file now.

I want to understand it but I do se that there is a need of asking my question in better way in my post for phase calculations.

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