Hi Professionals,
i just want to ask a little help.

i have a pump with 200 cu. meter per hr capacity and a 350Hp diesel engine. our required Total Head for dredging is 1000m. this is for the use of dredging in the construction of seaport, obviously the product to pump out is saltwater mixed with sand.
i would like to ask how are you going to compute the exact suction pipe size and discharge pipe size?

Thank you
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Hey man, you haven't told us your pump nozzle sizes, have you? You know, go to the 200m3/hr pump and measure the nozzle sizes, can you? Why can't you just use the same pump nozzle sizes for the inlet and out pipes?

What is the pipe routing like, is it a straight line pipe, any uphill inclination, any pipe bends along the way, what is the pipe material, to cater for pressure drop along the route?

Are you not the engineer in charge? Well, can an experienced guy in dredging just tell roughly the pipe size? Are you new for this job? Why did this problem in pipe sizing arise in the first place?
actually its my first time to handle this project. Regarding on the pipe routing, it is an uphill inclination.
my problem is i need to make justification trough computation. i have to justify that the 200m3/hr pump can throw the sand to approximately 1000m. just want to ask advice or suggestion regarding on this project.

Are you an engineer or what?

If yes, then you should have learned about fluid mechanics. It's time to check on the text book again or search internet for the relevant info.

Uphill inclination by what degrees? Have you started sketching something? Do you believe the pump will throw the sand 1000m away?

I forgot the formula myself after not practising it for many years.

Did your boss ask you to compute it?
If yes, then your boss is giving a little engineering exercise for you to do. If not, ask your boss to be your mentor over beer....

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