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I'm getting ready to do a modal job. In ME'Scope, I borrowed a motor model from another job and built a couple of simple plates to model the support structure under the motor. After I labeled the points in ME'Scope, some of the labels are showing up as blank squares. Have you seen this before? Any tips?

If needed, I can grab a screen shot. I don't have it handy, as the software is on a different computer.


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Hi Alok,
I was hoping someone with a 2130 would answer your questions.
I use a CSI 2120-2 data collector. I use the Advanced 2-Channel DLP to do the data collection. The 2120-2 can't store cross phase data without the DLP.
I have a PCB modal hammer. Vibrant Tech's ME'scope-VES is the animation software I use.
I would assume the 2130 would require it's version of the Advanced 2-channel DLP in order to store the cross phase data. Someone with a 2130 can answer your question with better authority than I can.
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