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Your typical maintenance KPIs would be categorised into maintenance efficiency measures and maintenance effectiveness measures.
As an example:
Maintenance efficiency - labour productivity, MTTR, spares turnover, labour availability, etc. i.e. how well the maintenance organisation is performing.
Maintenance effectiveness - machine reliability, OEE,MTBF, equipment availability, etc. i.e. how well maintenance procedures/processes are performing.

The essence of KPIs is that they indicate to you how your overall maintenance policy and strategy is performing, essentially a closed loop feedback system to advise you to change course or otherwise. They are essential in a best practice maintenance system.
KPI's? Back up to basic philosophy for projects.

Consider the "Service Triangle". I first saw in OMNI magazine in 1992 going to field service assignment. (as newly minted 'visiting expert' with full factory support. Hey--we all started somewhere)
Draw a triangle and label the sides.
* Cheap
* Fast
* Good
You may choose 2.
Your customer WANTS all three ... but that's not the way the world works.
At your service --

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