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Hi there,

I would like to share the vibration trend of our Raw mill Bag House Fan. the fan has been running with abnormal vibration from 4.5 to 7 mm/sec on Horizontal point NDE bearing HH  for last 6 months. the main problem is coating and fine dust that is coming from the bag house chambers due to worn and useless bags. this coating build up on fan impeller rapidly and results the fan is unbalance twice in a week. Then we have to stop the fan for a hour and clean the coating by air pressure to drop down the vibration. By cleaning of impeller vibration then decrease from 7.6 mm/sec to 2.6 mm/s, but After two to three days again increase to 5.0 and to 7 within few days. However we have also done all check outs for example bearings clearances , alignment , replaced coupling buffers, checked foundation bolts and concrete base for any cracks + attempted balancing by csi 2130, checked fan impeller precisely for any crack corrosion, damage and fan collar all found okay. production department also replaced some bags but unfortunately we cannot stop the problem of coating, so some coating will comes to fan. Please advise me how to resolve the fan vibration its oftenly  tripped at 8 mm/sec.  So we have to run the fan on low rpm and on low percentage. I have attached Vibration analysis report  fan specifications technical data for your reference including spectrum's. please have a look .thanks

Fan DE bearing: Spherical roller bearing NDE CARB

If you need further any info i will provide you, hoping for your kind favor 



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Dear Rizwan ,

This is common in cement industries,Particularly in Preheater Fans due to high sulphur content and various other Process parameters.

But in case of Raw mill Bag house it is the question of effectiveness of the fabric filters, first course of action would be through checking of the filter bags.second would be asking your process people to measure the dust loading and flow measurements to know whether any change happened.

if both are ruled out , then if coating is the real issue , then you may go for                       Auto balancers which will reduce the frequency of stoppages.

Hope this helps ! Thank you !

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