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I have been trying to fully understand the impact of getting a new computer with Win-7 on it. I don't know about CSI, but other vibration software that runs on Vista, may not run on Win-7; say the vendors. Win-7 Pro-version has the ability to run in Virtual XP-mode; that may run older programs. Even if a program runs, then communications via USB or Ethernet may be an issue because of Device Drivers. I still run Win XP-Pro.

Rusty, Please spend the money and time to try Win-7, and then let us know how it works!!

I did the beat test thing with Win 7. (No honors there, if you had a email account you got to be a beta tester) Win 7 did beat my experience with Vista because like Rusty said, drivers seemed to work better and the whole OS seemed to flow better. My son has installed the retail version and keeps getting blue screens of death on his home made system.

However, if I had my druthers I would still keep XP for my working type of applications and only upgrade for home stuff.

Just my opinion of course,

I am running W7 on 3 boxes, nothing serious yet but for testing software and it seems to be less edgy than Vista so I may part with the one Vista I use daily and upgrade it to W7. If itΒ΄s more efficient than XP I am not sure but since itΒ΄s a different branch of Windows. It is possible to run on a small platform where Vista would suffer like a Atom CPU with 512M memory not lightning fast but possible to use. Billy G. still offer XP Pro for embedded use for some reason. Olov
The current release of AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager (5.31) does not support Windows 7 because it has not been tested on the operating system (OS). We released 5.31 in June and Windows 7 just released in the last week or two. We are in the process of testing the next release on Windows 7 and plan to support the OS in that release as long as there are no major issues we can't resolve. If your company is planning to update to Windows 7 in the near future, please let us know. You can send an email to Please send a contact name, phone and email address. Also include company name and software serial number(s). If it's a network, please give us an estimate of how many client PC's will be updating.

Sheila Copeland

The current release of AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager (5.31) does not support Windows 7 because it has not been tested on the operating system (OS).

How long has Win-7 been on the market?? I find the above statement unacceptable! By now, you (tech staff) either knows that it works or doesn't work with Win-7 32 or 64-bit. Another case of Users having to fend for themselves!


The first version of Machinery Health Manager to be supported on Windows 7 was version 5.40, which released April 17, 2010. This version only supports the 32-bit version of the OS and also added support for 32-bit versions of Server 2008. Version 5.42 is the first version to support 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Server 2008. This version officially released to ship today. Please note that we have never supported the Home version of any OS.

Version 5.42 will not be mass updated. If you need software for a 64-bit OS, you will have to contact Product Support to request the update and your serial number must be under a current Support Agreement or Warranty. Please email product support at with your name, shipping address and software serial number(s). You can also call us at 800-833-8314 in the US and Canada.

Outside the US and Canada, please use the link below to find the toll free number for your world area.

You can also use Live Chat from our Product Support page.
That is not really the case, if you rely on external communication like USB, dongles and keys of whatever sort and there are no driver support above WinXP you may have problems, it is not as easy as turning on a compatible mode, there are software that do not function above XP for various reasons and compatible mode is not fully compatible in every respect specific hardware in some cases it can be run in genuine XP using VM software in like Win7 but that is really stacking things. We will soon have Win8 knocking on the door and it will all start over. Olov