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Hi All! I'm a Vibe Head w/a lubrication question! I'm looking for any recommendations re: grease-gun mounted ultrasonic/ultrasound meters for the lube techs at my paper mill. I know my guys are less interested in a "headphone" setup than they are in something they can see (e.g. a digital or analog display). Can anyone point me to a recommended supplier or product? Thank you! Tony
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Hi Tony,

Not discounting the importance and relevance of Sam Pickens' recently posted advice, I am the general manager of SDT North America. SDT is a world renowned manufacturer of ultrasound instruments both analog and digital and with data collector options. For a technical and/or commercial discussion about our equipment I invite you to contact me outside this forum. You may email me: allan at sdtnorthamerica dot com. or call me 1-800-667-5325.
Hey--you all have given me plenty to chew on and research (through your links)--thank you! I'm obviously at the bottom of a learning curve and I think proceeding cautiously (per Mr. Pickens) to be wise advise. We've had a lot of lube related problems over the years (under and more often over-lubrication) even though our Oilers are trying hard to do a good job--and are monitoring temp as well. I'm hoping to eventually put some tools in their hands to aid them in making the decision of when to add--and how much. Thanks again for your help!


Have you looked at the postings in the Ultrasound Section? Here is a specific link:

I suggest that you use headphones even with a dB meter on your ultrasound greaser. Backgound sound on machines like pumps, compressors, and blowers can be high and make detection of the bearing friction sound difficult or impossible to measure. It was nice of the two salesmen to respond to your question, but you should talk to actual users who have been using these devices for a while. You should also have your greaser guys/gals try out the new method before commiting to it.


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