I got an email request and I thought the reply might be useful for some AMP members.

Question: If you had a new young business analyst starting at Reliabilityweb.com who had no knowledge of Asset Management or Reliability best practices, what would you have them read for self-paced best practices development?


Nothing War and Peace like, but a primer if you will...



Tough question but here is my attempt at reply:


#1 - Don't Just Fix It, Improve It!
A Journey to the Precision Domain
By Winston P. Ledet, Winston J. Ledet & Sherri M. Abshire

This is 100% certain the starting point - a must read for everyone - also in audio




#2 - People - A Reliability Success Story
By Cliff Williams

this is a little more focused on the pure reliability journey but also a must read for newbie




#3 The Journey To Improved Business Performance
By Stephen J. Thomas

If you "got it" by now you can skip to #4




#4 Making Common Sense Common Practice
Models for Operational Excellence, 4th Edition
By Ron Moore, P.E.

This is a little more serious in tone and length but an eventual must read


In terms of primers - we offer this set:

Certified Reliability Leader Uptime Elements Passport Series
By Reliabilityweb.com



I hope this helps.


Good luck on your journey


Terry O


Keep a mild groove on,

Terrence O'Hanlon, CRL

CEO and Publisher


Uptime Magazine

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