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Hi Friends,

          In one of our HT motor we found inner race defect with side bands of 1XRPM in the spectrum and yesterday  we inspected the bearing and found inner race was cracked.But the history of the equipment says it has already two breakdowns with inner race problem.During the first time inner race was having dent and during second time inner race got seized.

Equipment Details

Motor RPM:1489

Motor KW:1600

NDE bearing:NU 228

DE bearing:NU 234 + 6234

Application:Cement Grinding

          What could be the cause of repetitive inner race damage ???

Thanks in advance.



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Tags: defect, bearing, Repetitive

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vidya Sagar posted:

Hi RG,

          previous failure was 2 years back and we use SPM instrument for condition monitoring.Does fitment and clearance is the cause for three failures??

Any Problem due to load ???

Im just curious that this is sudden failure or the failure developed? i doubt at the data collection since this is not sees that will generate fault.



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