Review and Signing of Vibrational Analysis Reports?

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Good afternoon, a consultation according to ISO 18436-2, is the person who is authorized to review and sign a Vibrational Analysis Report that is certified in Category II or Category III in Vibrations ?.

I have read the ISO 18436-2 standard and it says that Category II only recommends and does not say that it can review or sign Vibrational Analysis Reports, but that this is done in a Category III, that is, the person certified in Category III is the one review and sign the Vibrational Analysis Reports; I will appreciate absolving this doubt.

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Interesting point.

To be extream, a vibration report with major and expensive recommendations can be prepared and signed by a person without any certification. Many talented vibration specialists did not have a formal academic education related to this field, undertook a regulated training or sat for a certification exam.

What is required at a certain facility is what the management (owner or otherwise) decides and has become the binding requirement. Some companies have certified vibration analysts that do what you explained but many more places do not necessarily follow this. Keep in mind that ISO 18436-2 is not mandatory in most places to follow plus it was not really developed to be a contractual reference.

When a report is signed by a Cat III, the report is expected to have more assurance based on the Body of Knowledge the analyst covered during the process of the certification. Cat III, I think, is more geared towards wide machinery diagnostics and some program administration which are many steps ahead of the routine data collection and the obvious vibration cases (the tasks given to Cat II per the standard).

This is only my opinion and I could be totally wrong as in many cases.

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

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