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I'll like some advise on this. We've cleaned out oue Call Horizons, Scheduling Period, and indeed all other relevant Scheduling parameters in our system and we still have a little problem.

Please what can be responsible for a work order Latest Allowable Finish Date defaulting to the same call date, where the system already has been configured to allow some tolerance to the planned end date.

I'm wondering, does this problem have any thing to do with backlogs of planned dates in the system that have not been called already, although our next calls are really not dependent on last confirmations and shift factors are simple.

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How are you configuring the system to allow some tolerance to the planned end date?

I don't think you are understanding what the tolerances in the scheduling parameters are actually doing. They control what SAP does with the next plan due date given that you have completed the previous call before or after due date + or - the tolerance. They do not put an allowable start - finish date range on the current call.
Josh and David many thanks for your response.

Like I mentioned earlier, our systems have been configured to use the compliance categories set at the task list to calculate LAFDs based on tolerances deducted as a function of the Maintenance Frequencies and this is okay for almost 98% of our work activities.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling from our point of view is just fine, call horizons have been set to allow proactive planning of our maintenance work, problem simply is that there are a few workorders that come out just on the LAFDs when the auto deadlne monitoring runs.

I'll like to know if anyone's encountered this as this is not a general problem with our SAP system.
Hard to diagnose from a distance. However, if it is only happening to a few orders then you need to identify what is different to other orders where it works correctly.

A few questions I would be asking are:
Are these orders all on a common strategy?
Do the orders meet the selection criteria for the normal deadline monitoring variant or are they only then being picked up by one run to pick up all the rest?

I am not sure what you mean by compliance categories in a task list - Do you have more information on this and how your company have configured it?

Normal Early Start and Early Finish tolerances in a maintenance plan calculate from the shortest package in a strategy. This may be shorter than the shortest package used by an individual maintenance. I have often seen users confused by this.
Thanks David,

Well our Maintenance Plans range from Single Cycle to Strategy Plans - Time & Performance based and this problem occurs for both but not in large quantities anyway.

I might not be able to give you all the details on how our IMG is with regards to the details you've asked for, but really this problem cuts across different types of settings.

I think I'll take some timeout to identify any further clues with a view to narrowing it down to a partern and I sure will get back to the forum.

Many thanks.

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