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Following up on your question and BrookieG's reply...

Units for Force, Mass and Length are set in ME'scope by selecting FILE then STRUCTURE OPTIONS and choosing the UNITS tab. Be sure to click the "Save as Default" button on the same screen once you have made your choices.

It is also possible to draw your structure from photographs or by using a third party Photo Realistic Modeling software program. I mostly use the drawing assistant program within ME'scope and I am satisifed with my structure models. Attached is one structure drawing from a recent exhaust fan project.

As to your second question:
The purpose of ODS and Modal animation is to magnify machine motion so it can be studied and analyzed. Even a smooth running machine would look awful if animated in the ODS/Modal software. Decrease the animation scaling factor to tone down the motion. The software default is "20", which greatl exaggerates motion. It is possible to compare two animations side-by-side or overlaid in ME'scope software. This technique is useful for comparing similar machines or conditions such as before and after modification. Both animations share one scaling factor when animated together. I have attached a movie of one such side-by-side before and after modification comparison for your review.

Please call or write if I can help.



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