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I am Reliability Plant Engineer at a papermill where we have 6000+ physical assets and currently around 4200 PM templates which get released periodically. Lots of those templates get released every week/month/quarter and we usually get through around 18000 PPM jobs a year.

Our CMMS system has been used to pretty much print work orders since its inception. We have recently started planning strategys to optimise its potential but have no benchmark on what PPMs are important and roughly how many are needed for a plant of similar size.

How many PPMs vs Assets do you have?

What are your PPMs mostly comprised of? e.g inspections / lubrications etc

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Not the expert, but this link has a wealth of information that may help

Not sure if there are metrics about how many PM's are to be done per machine. The OEM recommendations, failure data,  operational data, cycles per year, wear items all will affect the PM amounts and frequency. You may find that the same task/PM can be used on many similar assets or in some cases it is cheaper to run to failure. Do you use condition monitoring technologies, these can replace a pm/tear down repair.

Repair vs replace with new, had a rotary valve with a motor/gbx drive with chain sprocket, customer insisted on repairing, original unit ran for 5 years trouble free, put a rebuilt unit in, it lasted 3 months. The cost of the downtime far exceeded the cost to rebuild the motor/gbx. This information was then used to establish a replacement frequency instead of a rebuild, monitor with vibration/ultrasound/motor current evaluation/oil to catch potential problems prior to the replacement date.

There are metrics that show 80% PM/PDM and the results of these tasks are "world class" organizations



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