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Hi all,

I'm working on an automobile Turbocharger testing. I'm interested in understanding the modes of vibration of the Turbocharger.


I've been reading the book " Fundamentals of rotating machinery diagnostics" by D.Bently. There is a chapter dedicated for modal analysis. I've come across this concept (refer attachment) for proper detection of modes.

As of now, there is a plan to mount 3 pair of eddy current sensors for the estimation of rotor mode shape. But a prior CAE calculations show 5 mode behavior of the rotor.

since, now we have a 5 modes and only 3 pair of sensors. Is there any possibility ( How?) of mounting a pair of displacement sensors near to the turbine end which is very hot and could lead to sensor malfunctions?

Any ideas and suggestions on this.

Thanks in advance.

Update: I found GE Bently sensors have temperature compensation sensors which have a range between -35C to 320C , but these sensors are expensive and out of picture to use in the project. Are there any alternative methods or approaches for a better mode estimation.?


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