We are having issues with spherical roller bearing installations on adapter sleeves.The attached procedure is identically followed but when we are unscrewing the nut to install the locking washer, we are damaging nuts' threads. Throwing away the adapter sleeve and installing new one...

Is someone else around having the same issue or had it and solved it?

I will try to post damaged thread pictures tomorrow. Couple of times we have faced with this issue. Shafts are being checked and they are all in tolerances. Bearings and sleeves are not counterfeit, they have been checked too

We are not using special SKF TMFN wrench . A similar wrench is used. Bigger the bearing size / shaft diameter more chance to damage the nut threads.


Measuring residual clearence and feeler gauge method is being used, not the axial drive-up method.

I will appreciate any comment



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I left that company 3 months ago, thats why i haven't replied. Checked with my friends today and they haven't faced with that problem since i've left. So looks like i am the problem...

I ordered SKF TMFN wrenches before i left and they are using those tools. These are impact wrenches to tighten the nut. I think proper tools fixed the problem.

By the way, we used to put lock washer with the bearing. Those days the problem was damaging lock washer tips while tightening the nut. Thats why we went back to skf mounting procedure.


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