So my adre 208P died, any suggestions for reading out BN/GE 3300 rack?

My 208P has an exploded battery, see photo for details. I urgent need to read out a 3300 rack for one of my clients.


I have also a CSI 2130, but missing the required volt adapter (dual volts adapter (model-A06290V)) and the tach cable (CSI 2130 tach cable, BNC to blue Turck, 4' (model D24862 )), and delivery time takes up to 3 weeks to the Netherlands.

Both Bently and CSI/Emerson are not very helpfull. It seems to me that they want to sell their newest equipment (Adre 408 / CSI2140). But I can't afford that and I need to read out the 3300 rack urgent. 

Anyone any tips to help me, like having the requirements for my CSI in stock / spare / left because of using the CSI 2140. Or having a 208P in spare.

I am almost out of options!


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PolderPloer posted:

My 208P has an exploded battery, see photo for details. I urgent need to read out a 3300 rack for one of my clients.

I am almost out of options!

Probably a long shot but the 208P can function without the battery, but of course requires reliable AC power.  Have you tried removing the battery totally?  It pulls out from the front and has one connector.

I never got so far on the CSI stairway as to 2130 I think I have that adapter for 2120 but that may not be so much help w/o the tacho input. I do have a MVX and a MVP I can be without for a while if you just need the vectors or such or do you need the orbits? Olov

Of course! But as you can see on the photo the circuit board is heavily damaged. I checked the power supply and it gives near 30 V, which is fine. The internal boards are damaged, parts of the internal battery were flying against the board (brown dots) and probably made a short circuit. 

Anyway, the adre is  completly dead. Even called a local PCB repairshop and they can't help me with it, because they think the PCB behind the one on the photo (there is another PCB where all the BNC connections are attached to) is also damaged.

I have contact with and they can probably help me with the CSI accessories. 


CTC can't help me on short notice, because the dealer are also the same people as the local Emerson supplier.

Thx gents for all the usefull info, i have my equipment ready big thanks to (no I don't have shares of them ^^)

Now i am settling my CSI and route and 1 question comes along. What kind of sensor sentivity should I use. I know about BN 3300 XL probes and the sentivity is 200mV/mil or 7,87 V/mm

I am in Europe, setting my database to metric, but the units i can fill in are v/EU. What does EU mean and should i put in 0,2 or 7,87? sensor setup


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Bill Kilbey posted:

If need 208 parts or full system, give Troy Broussard at Casacade a call. He has lots of BN gear in stock (former RoMaDyn gear)

Thx i look into that.


John from PA posted:

EU = engineering units.  So I would guess somewhere you have to define metric or english, and in your case most likely metric so it would be 7.87 V/mm.  In your screen shot you have 0.2 V/EU and that would be the appropriate setting for mils.

In the end i tried both: 

0.2:0.2 v per eu


and 7.87

7.87v per eu


Both values seems to me very low. Of course the 7.87 version is way to low to be real. But even the 0.2 version is low.

I had read both papers from bently (links elsewhere in the forum, "understanding discrepancies in vibration amplitude readings between different instruments" and i think i do something wrong.

Bently reading in the past with ADRE 208 show amplitudes between 17 and 34 micrometer pp.

Someone any idea about getting the right amplitudes?


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Ok, i am a few steps further. Actually non of above sensitivity's are right for AMS/CSI.

The right answer was 0,00787 V/EU for good sentivity. Now another question, maybe someone knows.

I also need to read out accelero's of the rack. Accelero normally needs power to work well. But I think the power comes from the rack itself, so i don't need to provide power with the CSI2130. And from GE site i found sentivity the same as portals, so 100mV/G.

Am I right here to not add power to the rack? 

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