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Dear Peer

I am using CSI 2140. While setting Anlysis Parameter set (AP set), it ask  for special timewaveform data. I have few query on it.

1. I wan to know what is special in it ?Special means it is taken, usually with a completely different setup, after the original waveform was taken.The FFT spectrum was calculated from an original waveform before the special waveform was acquired and saved. The spectrum's waveform is not saved. UNLESS!!!!! Emerson has changed the program and saves both of the waveforms. I do not have the latest software, so I do not know if both are now saved in the latest software/firmware from Emerson. Nor is the spectrum from the "special waveform" saved.

2. It is same data from which spectrum has been calculated ? No

3. If No then where is raw waveform data corresponding to spectrum ? The "RAW" waveform for the spectrum is not available, unless as I said above (unless Emerson has changed their program to save the spectrum's waveform and the special waveform also). The SPECIAL waveform has nothing to do with with the original route spectrum saved during the route collection, unless it (the special waveform) is taken with the same exact setup as the route waveform, and then it still will not be a true comparison between the original route waveform and saved spectrum. Reason of "not true waveform for the spectrum" is because, between the time the spectrum's waveform was collected and the time the special waveform was taken, some other "glitch" or "problem" signal in the equipment would create a "change" in the special waveform's signal, which would also create a different spectrum, unlike the original saved spectrum.

4. If Yes then what should be Fmax and no. of points ?

Just my opinion, based on my experience with the "special waveform".




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