dear colleagues,

for a desalter pump, attached are:

1- the spectrum for the pump & motor (with my trials to diagnose the faults)

2- the required equipment documents


could you please support by evaluating the spectrum and provide comments (and to check all the setup of the spectrum) on the peaks inside.

 the files link is:

your support will be highly appreciated.

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To the OP...I saved and scanned your file for any potential threats.  

There are 21 individual files, some of which are ISO specifications which are copyright.  These should not be shared.  Many are extensive csv or xlsx files.  I would suggest you edit your original post and only add the pertinent data with an explanation of your problem.  The members on this forum will gladly help you but they won't expend a great amount of time looking at 21 files. 

I've extracted the spectrums from the pertinent Excel file should anyone want to look at it.  The motor data, bearing numbers and anticipated frequencies are on page 2 of the attached PDF.





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