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These are "different alignments"

With a spacer shaft (CML) as in your document,  there are two flexible planes, the spacer shaft (CML, middle shaft) splits the angle between the shafts (driver and drivem) in two, the tolerance between shafts (driver and driven) is twice as much when compared to a simple coupling (pin-bush, gear, grill, etc) at each flexible plane the offset  between the spacer and shaft (driver or driven) is zero, therefore you only have one angle tolerance at each of this planes.

Back to your question, I think the same standard for "angle tolerance mils/inch apply as a single flexible planes + offsets at the center of the coupling, easy way to get this angle is too measure gap an diameter of measurement.

(gap top - gap bottom mils)/(measurement diameter inch)

Laser systems will display the projected offset and gap (angle/slope) at the center of the coupling for close coupled machines and GAP-A and GAP-A when using spacer shafts at two different projected flexible planes.

On cross fire lasers/reverse dial indicator  you need the distance between heads/dial indicator to measure the angle/slope mils/inch.

For simple couplings I think the same tolerance formula apply for the angle, but the offset tolerance is a different formula that I don't know


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