The Basic Crushing Equipment--Jaw Crusher Maintenance

Jaw crusher is the earliest appeared crushing equipment, it can be used to crush hard and medium hard scale materials. The specification of jaw crusher is expressed by feed opening width and length, the crusher can be divided into large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale. The feed opening width of large-scale jaw crusher is over 600mm, the width of medium-scale jaw crusher is 300-600mm, the width of small-scale jaw crusher is below 300mm. There are only two types of jaw crusher used in mining plants: they are simple swing jaw crusher and complex swing jaw crusher. Visit my page here can gain the specification details.

jaw crusher in factory
The complete jaw crusher in factory


The contents of comprehensive repair, annual repair and monthly repair of jaw crusher

Monthly repair and annual repair are two main methods of jaw crusher, the contents of comprehensive repair are determined through monthly and annual repair’s good equipment maintenance.

Main contents of monthly repair: Check and repair adjustment device, adjust discharge opening gap. Replace the worn liner and thrust liner. Repair and replace the transmission parts. Clean individual parts of jaw crusher. Replace lubrication oil, repair and adjust lubrication system and so on. A monthly repair is usually done half a month or once a month and is dependant on the specific situation.

Main contents of annual repair: Including the whole monthly repair contents. Replace worn shaft liner, pull rod, liner, thrust liner. Inspecting, turning, grinding and casting eccentric shaft bearing, connecting rod head bearing, movable jaw bearing and so on. The interval of two annual repairs is dependant on the wear condition of the main bearing, connecting rod head bearing and movable jaw bearing. An annual repair is usually done once a year.

Main contents of comprehensive repair: Including the whole annual repair contents. Replace the turning eccentric shaft and movable jaw mandrel. Cast the Babbitt alloy on the upper part of the connecting rod head. Replace and recover all worn spare parts. Correct entire crusher and conduct technological innovation to equipment. The interval of two comprehensive repairs is dependant on the wear condition of the eccentric shaft and movable jaw mandrel. A comprehensive repair is usually done around four years a time.

At present, the maintenance work methods of jaw crusher in most mining plants are replaced whole parts, that is, pre-repair parts method. When repairing, operators only need to remove the worn parts and put on new parts, this method can greatly shorten jaw crusher downtime and improve operating efficiency.


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