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Long time, no talk!!! I did some torsion vibration analysis on slow speed gear on a ball mill. I used signal from a contact speedometer (frequency modulated) and current analysis (Amplitude modulated) both in relation with instant speed of the shaft. You can either use the Copptek FM demodulator or use a Bessel function to revert to FM amplitude if the signal is a perfect FM signal. Current analysis on a synchronous machine is the easiest way and knowing the some electrical specific it is possible to compute the variation angle. I know a gentleman named René Archambault that develop a software solution to analyse FM and AM signal and differenced them from a spectrum. I can put you two in contact if you E-mail me.
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Thanks for the responses!
My posting is focussing on software only. Software to calculate torsional resonance frequencies. Think about modelling (massmoment of inertia's, torsional stiffnesses, damping factors) of diesel or e-motor drives in maritime applications, high speed turbine drives, etc.
I am trying to get an overview of what is available on the market today and how happy users of this board are.
DNV seems to have good software but their helpdesk is not so very responsive....
BTW, the hardware I use is home-made PLL FM demodulation circuitry. Kind a like Copptek I think.
Arie Mol

Dear Arie!

Of course, I'm not sure if you are still interested in this topic. Just in case I wish to inform you and other visitors about great software which calculates torsional resonance frequencies and many more: ShaftDesigner

This great software if focused on marine industry but it is applicable in all rotating machinery tasks. Relating Torsional Vibration, it calculates resonance frequencies, harmonic response, transient vibration, ice shock.

Here is an example of the User's Interface:

Torsional Vibration Calculation, ShaftDesigner software, http://shaftsoftware.com

As you can see, Torsional Vibration calculation scheme can be generated out of shaft line dimensions, propeller's and diesel's excitation are set to calculate harmonic response. Damping and dynamic stiffness as well as misfiring are also taken into account.

ShaftDesigner is excellent in shaft alignment calculations, whirling and lateral vibration, axial vibration.

The modeling process is easy like drag-and-drop, one of the main advantages is that model designed once is the source data for all kinds of calculations. Powerful reporting features let you generate your reports easy and export them to the different formats.

Dear Arie, I hope this information can be useful for you. Please contact me if you need more information.

Read more about ShaftDesigner software


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