I am wondering where in the AMS software is it that you tell it how you are mounting it each time? I have already gone thru and set up channels & groups for the motors, but nowhere have I seen it ask how I will be mounting it, be it vertical or horizontal.
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Originally posted by patrickmn77:
first, I do not have x, y, z. mine has A B C.
which is odd since everyone at emerson said it should say x, y, z.

so to be clear, if z=channel 1 horizontal, then you should only put the triax on horizontally?

You can test the channels. just create a fake machine and shake the accelerometer in a particular direction. It's very likely that channel A is 1, B is 2 and C is 3.

If you want to use it vertically, just assing channel 1 to the vertical measurement point in database setup and the 2 others accordingly.

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