Trilogy of Correctly Use Spring Cone Crusher

In order to guarantee safe production, users must ensure that the operators are familiar with the spring cone crushers operation procedures and operate the machine strictly according to the instruction. FTM experts share some useful technology of cone crushers as follows.

1、Reasonable use of spring cone crusher

(1) The ore-discharging gap needed to be adjusted according to liner wear degree, in order to ensure the product granularity.

(2) Due to there are processing errors on liner surface and iron objects contained in ores, in order to guarantee equipment safe operation, it is necessary to avoid collision between movable and fixed cone liner.

(3) Spring cone crushers are not allowed to run under overload situation. Such as oversize feeding particles, the too-small discharge opening and feed opening is enlarged randomly.

(4) The maximum grain size should be 80-85% of feed opening.

(5) Spring plays the role of protecting cone crusher when non-crushing materials (iron, metal, etc.) enter crushing chamber.

Spring cone crusher
Spring cone crusher in factory


2、Preparation and inspection before operation

(1) Lubrication parts of spring cone crusher

① Inspect whether the lubrication oil in fuel trunk is sufficient, oil quality is qualified, the oil filter is clean or not.

② Turn on the oil pump, check if there is oil leakage phenomenon or other failures in oil pump and pipeline.

③ Check if the oil pressure is between 0.5-1.2kg/cm2.

④ Inspect whether the oil-return is smooth, oil flow is stable or not.

(2) Main body of spring cone crusher

① Whether the basic screws are loose or not.

② Whether the wheel screws are loose, the rubber rings are damaged or not.

③ Whether the fixed cone liner is loose or badly worn.

④ Whether there are ores or other foreign objects in crushing chamber. Users can start the machine only when all the staffs are cleaned up.

(3) Spring parts of cone crusher

① Whether the spring is broken, spring screw is broken, badly worn or not.

② Whether the spring compression amount is in accordance with the regulation.

③ Whether the spring compression amount of each group is consistent.

(4) Electrical parts of cone crusher

① Inspect the contact condition of motor carbon brush.

② Inspect whether the ammeter pointer is at zero position.

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