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One of our biggest customers is trying to implement ultrasound and phase out vibration analysis in parts of there plant. My company services them with oil analysis, IR, and vibration reports. we are very accurate and have not had any failures or missed calls using vibration analysis. I think this is largely due to a silver tongue salesman pushing ultrasound equipment on them. what are some pros and cons to both sides, and which in your opinion is better?


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Today’s Ultrasound is not your Daddy’s or your Mothers ultrasound….being able to look at the higher frequencies incrementally (SDT) or pull-up the wave or FFT and analyze the spectrum (UE), it has come a long way. But, anyone that throws out vibration as one over the other is not a serious reliability leader.
A complimentary role is the role of today’s as yesterday’s ultrasound. Just as it compliments infrared, lubrication practices, and vibration, it is still a complimentary instrument.                     All Maintenance Leaders need to be not told about, but actually certified or at least schooled on the integration of these technologies. Ultrasound as a conditioned based instrument which I have written about many times in articles through UPTIME Magazine, β€œI HIGHLY RECOMMEND”.
For more on Ultrasound, visit’s website UPTIME ARCHIVED ARTICLES.


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