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This worked for me. Hope it makes sense.

First create a measurement called MTR FREQ, the value of which you will enter manually in the field in Hz

Then create a fault frequency called LINE FREQ

In the case of a four-pole motor the calculated motor speed is approx. Line Freq/2 (Adjust this for 2 pole or 6 pole), so create another line called Calculated Mtr Speed using the multiply function. You can use this speed as the reference for the other fault frequencies or create a description of Actual Motor Speed and use the calculated speed to extract from the current spectrum. Hope that makes sense.


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@Registered Member posted:

I collect data on several variable speed machines every month and was wondering if there is a way to use the manual entry for RPM or Hz on the VFD to adjust all fault frequencies on the rest of the machine?

I have never used the Emonitor system but I was just wondering if you are referring to entering the speed of a VFD system into the analyzer (if it asks for the speed on each point) while in the field  or changing it in the database?

Just wondering.



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