Dear guys,

Could you help me with this case?

Running speed harmonic happen at bearing motor NDE enveloping spectrum.

Is it slip of race at the mounting seat? or Rotor Looseness?

Here is the pump spec :


Water Intake Pump

Capacity        : 500 m3/H

Speed            : 1491 RPM

Shaft Power  : 250 KW

Head              : 120 M

Bearing Pump : 7370 BCBM

Bearing Motor NDE/ DE : UNKNOWN


Thank you for your help



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Walt Strong posted:

A 72-page report for what appears to be only one machine is just a little bit too much! Is that the type of "Report" that you give to the Boss/Supervisor/Customer?


No off course walt. The running speed too much. That's just print out from the software. Sorry..

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