Please don't groan too much...we are still using MP2 Access 2000 version. Frowner

I tried to change the app's default data directory in several places:

1) the ini file
2) ODBC configuration in Control Panel, also looked at/changed ODBC in HKLM/Software etc.
3) App Paths in the Registry

No effect.

Existing data path is \\foo\MP2_Data
Desired NEW path wants to be \\bar\MP2_Data

What am I missing or doing wrong??

Thank you, Tom

P.S. Mapping to network drive letter is not an option and we don't want to re-install either.
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Originally posted by Jonathan at CDG:
To be honest it looks like your doing everything correctly. I don't think anyone is going to be able to help you without digging into the issue more and probably remoting into your setup.

Thank you anyway...we don't have a support contract so I'm on my own. I can leave it as is but if I can successfully change it so much the better. I'll try again sometime soon going through the registry again etc.. I also looked to see if anything got placed into a user profile etc. but that yielded no results.

Thank you, Tom

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