No You won't get many assit you in that regard, its a time earned and capability designated qualification.

There are too many rubbish level 2 and level 3 guys on Linkedin asking questions they should know from Level1. I certainly do not want to be instrumental in adding another to the list.


Past papers won't assist you. You either have the capability or you don't.



The exams are conducted to test your practical knowledge and capability in the field of vibrations and also what you have learnt in those 4-5 days before the exam. The final marks will show your understanding capability and your strong hold on the subject. Just for the sake of getting level 3 the exams should not be taken

There seems to be some negative sentiment expressed toward the certification and possibly the training required for the certification.  

Honestly, I can say that I have seen many without certification ask or worse not ask questions that should be known about vibration.  Training should be a plus.  For those without relevant degrees, certification can be a plus.  Many engineers do not have highly relevant training on vibration and dynamics, whether it comes to theory or practical experience in the field; if there has been no formal training or good mentoring, even engineers can pickup poor practices and be unaware of important theory.  Training can be valuable.


I'm not 100% sure but I think sharing real exam questions is not allowed by the certification procedures and maybe unethical.

I tend to agree about many certified people are less qualified than what many practionors would expect but they are certified by the certifying body based on the standard requirements. I think some are certified because they have some advantages like excellent skills in exam taking.

I didn't attend many formal training courses or from different certifying bodies but I'm pretty sure that most of them provide some practice questions in one way or other. Is there a sensitivity in having plenty of practice exam questions (from the perspective of the certifying bodies)? Maybe there is. There is, I guess, a need to control the passing rate to ensure the credibility of the process. If a certification process results in 95% passing rate for example, people would think it is too easy. And if some examinees have an access to leaked exam questions, that would be also unfair.

Just my humble opinion but I could be totally wrong as in many cases .


Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

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