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Thanks Jon.

I think the labels on the chart are consistent with the coordinate system identified on the chart and it is a right-handed coordinate system as we normally expect. Walt's point I think is x and y for the two radial directions and z as axial direction may be a more conventional choice.....For example in B/N equipment x and y are both radial directions although not necessarily H and V
This reminds of an experience I had when I first got my Amateur Radio license. I was in Henry Radio when another new HAM came in to demonstrate his morse code skills. No one had explained how to set up an electronic iambic keyer to him before he started practicing and as Murphy would dictate, he set it up backwards.
Without guidance, I set my bubble charts up arbitrarily. The main criteria was to keep the phase relationships identified. Years later, when I got a copy of ME'scope, I went through a rough patch because the accelerometer orientation I was used to (based on the bubble chart) was different than the system used by Vibrant Technologies, the first few times I did an ODS, I had to manually go through and correct my readings to conform to theirs. It only took a couple of times doing this and I corrected my orientation to match theirs.
Theirs is:
X = Axial
Y = Radial, Horizontal
Z = Radial, Vertical
Because of the amount of work needed to fix this chart, I never bothered. I would recommend to anyone starting out, to conform to the coordinates used by Vibrant Technologies, if there is the slightest possibility of their using ME'scope for diagnostic work.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane, guys.
Since I have shared this chart on the forum, I feel obligated to correct the chart to conform to the Vibrant Technologies format. When the accelerometer is not used in the orientation of the legend, be sure to change the value 180Β°.
If less than 180Β°, add 180Β° to the value.
If greater than 180Β°, subtract 180Β° from the value.

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