Vibration based condition Monitoring in Germany/Europe.

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I'm a recent graduate and looking for entry level opportunities in Vibration based condition monitoring. As an intern,  I have more than 2 years of practical experience in rotor dynamics and NVH( simulation and testing) of automotive turbochargers.

I wanted to pursue a career in Vibration based condition monitoring, especially in the energy, oil& gas industry. I mean to say I have a strong passion for working with big rotating machines. 

I currently live in Germany and I would really appreciate any leads or information about small to large consulting companies in this areas.  I could already list out of few companies based in Europe. It would be great if you any of you could suggest some directory or list where I can find the companies in this area.


Thank you in advance for your ideas and suggestions.


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@DBTCMP Aright! I'll check for directories and company listing. Last time I found handful amount of companies doing condition monitoring consulting to the oil, gas & power industry concentrated in the north sea.

I think I need to do more of rigorous digging to find small consulting companies.

Anyways, thanks for the info and help.


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