High Vibration was observed on all axis of the motor on a sump pump

MOTOR  reading

NDE V   : 16.78 mm/s

NDE H  :  13.33 mm/s

DE V  : 8.76 mm/s

DE H : 7.64 mm/s

DE A : 2.84 mm/s

PUMP reading

DE H : 3.00 mm/s

DE V: 2.47 mm/s

I did a solo run on the motor and observed the following reading

NDE V : 3.82 mm/s

NDE H : 0.73 mm/s

DE H : 0.17 mm/s

DE V : 1.85 mm/s

DE A : 0.21 mm/s

I did alignment check up and was found ok

Should I go for pump overhauling?I will also check for structural resonance.

What other factors can I check?Also how can i make sure its not the motors fault?

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