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Hi All,

I appreciate your thoughts about this case.

Turbine Casing vibration is measured by accelerators and it is connected to BN 3500 rack.The HMI reading for this probe is 25 mm/s PK while when the ADRE is connected to the rack the reading was 10 mm/s PK.

I am pretty sure that the ADRE values are correct , but the question what could make the reading at the HMI is higher than the double ?!!

what are the signal pressessing between the 3500 rack and the HMI that can cause that ?

what are the configuration at HMI that could be checked ?


Tags: Vibration, HMI, 3500, ADRE, Turbine Casing

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There could be many reasons for amplitude discrepancies. However, I tend to agree with @Registered Member to start by comparing the configurations.

Fmin, Fmax, rms, 0-p, type of sensor, power, and scale factor are possible factors to cause discrepancies. I also found very few cases where the rack cards had internal issues.

If you have a shaker table or a signal generator, they can be very useful to troubleshoot the case.

What do the waveform and spectra contain and are they stable? I guess you may receive better (more specific) suggestions if you post the data.

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa


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