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I have been using the Vibxpert to complete ODS and Modal projects in MEscope for a few years. I have used this on mostly pumps and motors and their supporting structure. Some of the larger project required several hundred measurement points. I have used the current line drive accelerometers that come with the VXP and aftermarket ICP accelerometers receiving good results with both.


Since the device is only 2 channels it takes a while to complete data collection. X Y and Z has to be recorded separately at each measurement point. If you are working on smaller projects not a big deal as they can be competed in a relatively short time.  Large structures involving multiple machines can take a long time to complete


B channel on the device is the reference channel. you can choose to record in acceleration, velocity or displacement. Upper and lower frequency ranges are selectable from 30 to 3,072,000 cpm. Lines of resolution range from 400 to 102,400, Averages, windowing, triggers and negative averaging are all available


I have found once you measure around 25 to 30 points the device starts to slow down. I will usually measure xyz at 25 locations, save the file and start another file to complete testing. The files can be combined easily in MEscope. Saving the data periodically prevents a loss of data as well. If the VXP decides to lock up you will loose all of your data. I lost 8 hours of data collection once.


Exporting the data from the VXP has to be completed with the vibxpert utility software that is a separate application from Omnitrend. You have the option of importing ODS-FRF, FRF, time signals and spectral data. The file is exported an Universal File Format (UFF) and saved to your PC. I believe you can also export the files in a .csv format


ME scope has provisions for importing the UFF as other device also use this format.


If you plan on using this for smaller projects I would recommend it. If you intend on using this on large structural projects I would find a 4 channel device that MEscope can control. Using three channels for a tri-axial accelerometer the fourth for the reference channel will save you a lot of time and will reduce errors.


I believe pruftechnik is releasing a 4 channel box soon but it is not compatible with the current omnitrend platform.


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