Voith Fluid Coupling Failure Modes

Can Please anyone explain the failure modes of Voith coupling?

If input speed is 1500 RPM and output speed 11000RPM,How we can selcect Fmax and LOR for vibration data collection?

In which units data should be taken i.e Velocity or accelaertion?

Number of teeth is unknown to me.

How we can calculate GMF?

Is voith vibration analysis same as Gear box?

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Can you please explain Fmax and LOR setting.

I suggest you start at this thread...https://www.maintenance.org/topic/resolution-formula.

Beyond that, and assuming you have a Voith geared variable speed coupling, I suggest you go back to Voith for the tooth combinations on the gearbox.  If you can shut the machine down, you might also be able to view the gearbox through an access port and establish the tooth combination.  There is a good brochure at https://voith.com/ita-en/227_e...ouplings_2015-11.pdf that will show you the internal arrangement and perhaps where to look.



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