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@Hawg posted:

Thanks. I have looked on Google but have not found what i'm looking for. It's mostly just words , I what to see Spectrums to compare.

You likely won’t find anything except in some published paper which is best located by a machine type search.  Search for instance on Google using β€œInduction motor diagnostics vibration” (important, without the quotes) and you will likely come up with papers that address motor diagnostics.  But you will have to go through them and look at the data, the explanations, and the conclusions drawn from that data.  You may not like that process but that is the way to do it and learn.  

There is also a search function on these forums where you can likely find more machine related info. 

I guess one day, someone some or some agency may provide an engine in the public domain to upload data and get automatic advice based on the database available. This topic has been discussed in the forum a few times.

A lot of work is ongoing in this direction but so far these are commercial products or in-house. Many classic analysts do not feel good about this approach as there is an element of human sense needed, in their opinion.

When I read the title of the thread, I thought it is a pure signal processing subject. If you go through machinery diagnostics, here comes the danger of oversimplifying things. There are nowadays many online graphical tools to visually represent vibration data (signal processing) in equations, tables, waveforms, and spectra. These were dreams in the past. One day, the dream of auto diagnosis may happen, perhaps in our lives.

Many of the active members in this forum are "senior citizens" and respond to real cases. Some are skeptical about how soon technology will bring a "reliable replacement".  

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

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