As a junior maintenance planer, I which to know which is the best practice to manage 14 days and 90 days look ahead maintenance plans. I wish to have answers and your opinion regarding the following queries:

  1. The plan should be integrated with both activities PM & CM or each activity in separated plan?
  2. 14 days and 90 days plan is obviously to forecast the generated activates by the CMMS in specific period. When the plan is issued how to manage the upcoming new activities? We implement them to the existed plan or each week we issue new plan and we keep on tracking the progress of the old one.
  3. How to manage backlogs?

I wish that you can all share your methods and procedures related to this matter.

Thanks and regards.

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I strongly recommend your plan combines all PM and CM activities and you group your plan by system / equipment. That way you can show all PMs and CMs due per machine and then make sure you group that work and take your machine down only once.

When you run 14 and 90 day schedules, common practice is that the 14-day schedule is re-issued every week and the 90-day schedule every month.

For backlog make sure you have a robust system for prioritising work and then you separate the outstanding work in what still needs to be planned, what has been planned and what is ready to be executed.


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