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My Gas Turbine have Air Inlet filter system,that have 4 layer (1 bug screen,2 Coalescer,3 Prefilter and 4 Fine filter)
Now I detect Diff. pressure of coalescer and bug screen is increase. And I clean both (washing by EM and water). And after clean Diff. pressure in this position is decrease (It's right),but diff. pressure of Prefilter and Fine filter is increase!(in attach table)I thing that is wrong!!!!

why Prefilter and Fine filter is increase ? or is right?


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So the differential pressure (DP) dropped across the Bug screen and Coalescer after cleaning. The pre and fine filters were not cleaned and the DP increased.

I would think the cleaning the Bug screen and Coalescer increased velocities and pressure enters the pre and fine filters. Since they were not cleaned you could expect a diffential change.

It's not an exact science and your numbers only indicate differential. But let me try to show you using a 2 filter example. 1st one gets cleaned but the second one is not cleaned.

Pre cleaning 1st inline filter (1F) inlet pressure +5" H2O. 2nd filter (2F) inlet +2.5" H2O and outlet +2"H20.

Post cleaning 1F (only) inlet pressure +5" H2O. 2F inlet +4.5" H2O and outlet +3.4" H20.

Diff pressure pre cleaning
1F= 2.5 or 50% (which required cleaning)
2F= .5 or 25% (which did not)

Post cleaning
1F= .5 or 10% (nice and clean)
2F= 1.1 still 25% (increased DP across 2F)


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