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(Sorry Mods, this is a duplicate post from another Board Forum, but figured I'd try my luck here as well (relevant topic)
Hello all,
Im in the process of suggesting that we use Timken M-Power Single Point Lubricators to lubricate the bearings in our Air Handler Units.
To give you a little bit of background, we are a biotech facility. Our Air Handlers are installed inside the building in a cool environment serving Class 5 to Class 8 clean rooms. They range anywhere from 2k to 24k cfm (5hp to 60hp motors).
WHat experience have you guys had with this type of lubricator? Are they reliable in low vibration applications? Do you spend more time looking to make sure they are working than just having your oiler manually lubricate the bearings? Do they give you a fuzzy warm feeling that they won't let you down if properly installed and maintained?
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I've used the different types (gas powered and battery powered) for many years, and many different applications. You will have to monitor them once in a while to ensure they are still working. For that reason, I like the battery powered ones better. They usually have a little light that flashes that tells you at least the battery is still functioning.
I think they are worth something, but not sure they are worth what they charge for them. If you are just trying to replace a person who does a half way decent job at oiling (greasing), then I don't think they are worth it, because you do have to check on them, if for nothing else to replace them when they run out.
However, for problem areas, or areas you can't get to very easily for greasing, then I think they are worth it, for they will deliver grease for quite a while. Those that you can refill your self, are worth much more than those that are filled by the OEM only.

I didn't use them everywhere, just where I had a problem.

I'm a little late to this thread, but thought this information would be worthwile for future viewers.

The Timken units are the Perma Star Vario units private labelled for Timken. The units produce 70psi max which could support pushing an NLGI 2 lubricant up to 9' through 1/4" .050 wall tubing at room (72Β°F) temperatures.

When you are looking at pushing a higher viscosity fluid, pumping in lower temperatures, or using on a critical piece of equipment, Memolub makes a unit that generates 350psi and is good to -40Β°F with the Lithium battery option.

We have had great success with the Memolub. Although the cost per unit is higher, they have a "splitter" option which comes with a proportioning grease divider valve and thus addresses TWO bearings from a single unit. This is perfect for air handling systems.

We have successfully implemented these in WI on a rooftop application and set the units to 6mo. intervals. These units get new batteries and grease packs every 6 months. Thus far they have been working reliably since 2006.

Thank you for updating this thread with your experiances.
I think the auto grease canisters have came a long way since I started using Perma Lubes (twist the tab and pop the pill) back in 1990 I think.
It is good to know you have used them in cold climes. Have you had any bearing failures due to lack of grease in those areas?
I like the 350 psi too.
Thanks again.


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