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2-plane balancing system wanted
Registered Member I already developed a balancing equipment base on National Instruments and Labview. Are you still interesting? [ more ]
Registered Member Items 7 and 8 are at odds with each other. If you want to "own the sourcecode" then you are talking a one off system. I am not sure how many companies would want to support it after you make changes to the code. Who is going to take the heat in case of a liability? Just a thought, [ more ]
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Looking for a joint-venture partner to provide vibration analysis services in Souther
Registered Member Jorge E, I am also looking for a joint partners here in Ghana.Just opened a company by name Advanced Vibration and Reliability Engineers Ghana and would want to to come together to satisfy the industries here in Ghana. The market is very promising here in Ghana.Let me here from ASAP. My contact details is (, [ more ]
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Vibration analyst 15 years experience
Registered Member hi, i am Apparao from hyderabad, working in saudi arabia in vibration field, there is lot of scope at outside india(especially in middle east) go to this site and see so many companies will be there, send your CV to them and also now and then visit this site as there will be always walk in interviews being conducted in Bangalore also here is my id <> if you need any help feel free to share . best of luck. regards Apparao [ more ]
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API Certifications
Registered Member What makes you think there is a certification exam for specific machines? It is my understanding that the purpose of certification exams is to insure that a person is a qualified inspector in a specific area. In other words, an exam is given for API 510 certification. That exam is titled API 510 Pressure Vessels Inspector Certification Program and its purpose is to insure that a pressure vessel inspector knows what he/she is doing. A list of available programs is at... [ more ]
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Vibration Analysts wanted worldwide
Registered Member Yes sorry-please use this Currently interested in people in USA-specifically Indiana and Kansas. Also in Canada around Winnipeg/Regina/ Saskatoon. [ more ]
Registered Member There is a thread at that gives the email address for the elusive "lancaster" as [ more ]
Registered Member lancaster, you didn't post any contact details. please share so that cv could be sent to the mail id [ more ]
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Condition Monitoring/Vibration Analyst.
Registered Member Salam Abdulla, Vibration analyst position still available? Pls provide your email for me to submit my CV. [ more ]
Registered Member could you please provide me your mail id so that i can send my resume. i am level-2 certified engineer having more than 7 years experience in this field. at present i am working in a integrated steel plant in southern india. i will send my profile to you through e-mail id if you provide me [ more ]
Registered Member i know the use of vibexpert of pruftechnik....and but i can use csi 2030 also...i have littlebit know about csi 2030 [ more ]
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Reliability Certifications
Registered Member PE - Professional Engineer License? [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Josh, Thank you I found always your answers... I'm going to take CMRP first, and deciding for next step, I think RCMII facilitation could have some direct application soon for me and in the long term I would like to study for the CRE, that looks as a really hard certification. Still not sure on PAS55, but if it becomes a standar on the industry, I'll go for it. Really I'm finding great content on CMRP preparation, this forum, webinars, tons of books, articles, tweets, linkedin. As I post... [ more ]
Registered Member Txema Which do you want to take first? [ more ]
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