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Maintenance Training
Registered Member Here is a possible option, give them a shout, ask for Eric Foreman Dave [ more ]
Registered Member Hey! Skillcat is an awesome option for skilled trades LMS. We have all the necessary features you need, including interactive 3D simulations that can help test your team's technical writing and on-the-job skills. Plus, our performance evaluation dashboard is really easy to use. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about Skillcat. [ more ]
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Asset Grouping for CMMS
Registered Member More ammo to stand on....Thank you [ more ]
Registered Member ❤️
Registered Member skm I would agree with you, this is my second maybe third system to organize and ISO and P&ID are "it". The Uniformat II is asset based hierarchy and not system based( which we want). I was just hoping one last time before moving on to the task at hand for additional clarity. The P&ID are system based and really should be the guiding point, except some plant worker still want to call it "thing" and not the P&ID name. Thank you very much Jim [ more ]
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Asset Quotient(AQ) for Bad Actor Identification
Registered Member Thanks, Vic Your suggestion is well received. I shall include some management aid/factor, which can be used to derive the AQ, and how its imlacted directly by OP and margin. [ more ]
Registered Member The AQ concept provides thorough objective analysis similar to a pareto breaking down the bad actor into components for quick identification and mitigation but without a doubt, it all starts with cost. Stockholders #1 concern is margin and OP, and if we are running a business, it should be ours as well. So, if this AQ concept can be presented as a direct impact on margin and OP (and I think it can) leadership will listen. [ more ]
Registered Member 👍
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Does anyone have an example of a Strategic Asset Management Plan to share?
Registered Member SAMP as per ISO 55 00X Strategic Asset management Plan [ more ]
Registered Member Which of these stands for SAMP? Acronym Definition Samp Sample Samp Special Area Management Plan Samp Sony/ATV Music Publishing Samp San Andreas Multiplayer (gaming) Samp Small Arms Master Plan Samp South Asia Microform Project (Center for Research Libraries) Samp Single Acquisition Management Plan Samp School of Allied Medical Professions Samp Suspicious Activity Monitoring Protocol Samp Security Association Management Protocol Samp System Acquisition Management Plan Samp Software... [ more ]
Registered Member There a number of examples available for SAMP [ more ]
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Prediction via process data only
Registered Member Thank you for your comment. [ more ]
Registered Member To answer the question directly, sure it can. "Process" parameters will identify "process" anomalies (e.g. operating off BEP, forgetting to open a discharge/suction line, filter/heat xchanger clogging, etc.), that's why you would monitor them in the first place. However process parameters would not reliably identify misalignment, unbalance, looseness, rubbing anomalies, etc. commonly associated with vibration and noise. How can it? ....unless the flow is so low that it reliably indicated... [ more ]
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Defining an asset
Registered Member Thanks for the reply. I have been looking into the ISO standard. [ more ]
Registered Member I suggest referring to a standard to back up the definition to use. An option is ISO 55000. In this document, an asset is defined as: "Item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization". It could be physical nor non-physical (intangible like brand, intellectual property). If I'm not sure whether an item is an (important) asset of the organization or not, I would ask the team something like this: if this item is given to a startup in the same industry, would it help... [ more ]
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Asset Tracking and Inventory Management tool
Registered Member Hi Tunde, I work for Track'em , and we provide asset tracking, materials tracking and inventory management (stores) solutions specifically for construction, mining and oil gas projects. Happy to have a chat and understand what you're trying to achieve and provide some advice. Warm Regards, Jeroen van Zon [ more ]
Registered Member Dear colleagues here an Asset Management Report [ more ]
Registered Member Hi , Maximo has the capabilities what you are looking for. If you want you can check IBM preview site and play around with that and it will give you a good idea about how they handle inventory, manage asset lifecycles and you will also get a glimpse of all the key modules. Hope this helps. Venkat [ more ]
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CMMS VS EAM. What is the difference?
Registered Member CMMS & EAM are very different in early 1980, but now have several common modules, CMMS has specific modules like calibration management, lock & key management, predictive maintenance modules, IoT sensor connected for real time critical parameter monitoring. [ more ]
Registered Member Hi All, We did some research into this area and came up with the following hypothesis. EAM is for Total Asset Lifecycle Management where CMMS is focussed on Asset Maintenance (which is a part of asset lifecycle). EAM is an enterprise-wide tool covering procurement, finance, planning, production, operations, maintenance and disposal. Our research suggested that CMMS is more aligned with Operations and Maintenance. You can view the table of differences and the complete research between EAM and... [ more ]
Registered Member There are various ERP softwares available for Small and Medium businesses. One of the proven and highly scalable ERP product available for SMB’s with Supply Chain, Purchasing, Order management and Human Resource Management & Finance functions is SmartERP. You can read more details about the software here. ERP systems for Small and Medium Businesses. [ more ]
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Overhead crane periodical inspection
Registered Member It is a mandatory requirement of local regulatory laws and regulations. [ more ]
Registered Member The answer depends where you live and what the local regulations require. I live where the crane can be tagged and locked out for a period of time if it will not be in service. The laws require a inspection before the crane can be returned to service. This works if the crane can be scheduled for an inspected before use. If the crane would be needed in a break down scenario, waiting for an inspection is problematic. Best to keep up with the inspections if down time is a major issue on the ... [ more ]
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metrics, kpi to evaluate efficacity and progression of daiy reparation, maintenance.
Registered Member Hello, Thanks for your reply! The method team estimate the MTBF, Availability, ratio of Preventive Maintenance Compliance vs Emergency Repairs ( hours) already. As I am on the field ( and still in learning process), I have to estimate effectiveness of operations I specified earlier (see post above). . So Mean Down time is a good indicator as well as the ratio of prevented failures/ failures tracked. But I am still opened to other suggestions. [ more ]
Registered Member Hello Nicktruck, My last work was in a mining industry which is an underground mining. Sad to say that I believe that there is no 1 KPI, metric or maintenance indicator that will tell you the whole story of your maintenance function. You need at least a minimum of 5 indicators. For mining tell me if I am wrong but, this type of industry is one of the most problematic when it comes to lubrication which means that mining industry are heavy on lubrication costs. I would recommend that your... [ more ]
Registered Member Method to detect problems could be ultrasound. Compressed air/gas/vacuum/steam/electrical/mechanical applications. Turbo leaks, hydraulic leaks/valve bypassing, tire air leaks, A/C leaks, air filter housing leaks and more How much do you really want to know about your machines? What about the ability to collect wireless vibration/temperature/pressure/flow/levels or motor current monitoring would this also add value to your mobile/stationary equipment? [ more ]
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Any advice or guidance on Performance Indicators and Key Performance Indicators
Registered Member Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are your dashboard. These are strategic in nature, but also provide the picture of your strategy. Performance Indicators on the other hand are more tactical in nature. There are many more of these, and they are tailored to the level necessary to achieve the KPIs. In other words, you may have different PIs at the operator level than at the manager level. All however, should be tied to the KPIs. As you said, Leading Indicators are necessary to help predict... [ more ]
Registered Member I have developed a C-KPI-M in chapter 8 of my book. José Contreras [ more ]
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Six Sigma and Maintenance
Registered Member Look at scheduled and emergency work flow. Chart out the steps involved from requesting maintenance through the completion of the job, including paperwork. usually when this is done, obvious inefficiencies become apparent. Look at these as areas to improve. [ more ]
Registered Member I haven't done and M&R project, but it's pretty straightforward. Where is your greatest variation in the Maintenance Process. In my experience in several facilities working as a Maintenance and Facilities Supervisor, Manager, and Reliability engineer, the grreatest variation is in the way work is requested. If it were me, I would start there. Regards [ more ]
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