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Professional Tips for TIG Welding with a Miller Welder
Registered Member TIG welding can be immensely rewarding if you take the time to do it properly, as someone who has spent years honing their art can attest. Making ensuring your workspace is spotless and well-ventilated is among the most important things you can do. Also, choosing clean, impure pieces will greatly enhance the caliber of your welds. Moreover, remember to dress safely so that you can keep yourself protected while working. TIG welding is ultimately a science and an art that requires effort to... [ more ]
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FIFA 23 players that are cheap are vital
Registered Member I personally know a lot of people who are perplexed by this. As a football lover, finding efficient and reasonably priced players in FIFA 23 is thrilling and fulfilling. The recent Hero Pack incident, which led EA to remove millions of coins from the market for virtual transfers, has drawn attention to the dangers associated with exchanging virtual goods. Despite this, what really important is the passion and excitement that football brings, whether on the field or in a video game. While... [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPForum help
Registered Member Hello , I recently did the certification of CRL previously Certified API 510, API-570, API-653 Inspector, Machine Diagnostics and VA-II Certified, Professional Trainer with 18 years of experience of Inspection, vibration analysis,Machine diagonistics, Piping and pressure vessel designing, Project management, Vibration analyst , Lead Auditor, Business Advisory and social work . Providing the vibration analysis services to KE, ENI and EPCL, more than 100 analysis completed, work for renowned... [ more ]
Registered Member Good to have ya! We are each the current final product of every technician, engineer, mentor, and teacher we learned from. As they all were from thier educators. This forum is the baby from all who contribute here. The vast decades of learning and searching for an answer is at your fingertips. [ more ]
Registered Member yea, it indeed helps us to solve delicated & complicated problems that we face. [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPEpic Failures Photo Album
PA fan shaft failure
Registered Member Metallurgy in shaft failures is a specialty, courses are taught and books are written on this specific subject. A photo alone cannot tell the full/accurate story. But maybe I'm wrong and others can advise. I'm sure with more details (more photos, datasheet,s etc) things can be clearer. Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa [ more ]
Registered Member There seems no abnormality in the fan as studied from the parameters. Vibration spectra ,waveforms not captured during its short period of run Your comment in sl no 8 is to be done as the rotor and impeller assembly has been delivered from China. Can you suggest after going through the image of the fracture surface whether it is a torsional or tensile failure? Job report carried out in the fan in shutdown is enclosed herewith. [ more ]
Registered Member Perhaps a formal root cause analysis is needed here, especially if the shaft failed very prematurely (only one week in service), otherwise expect a long list of speculations and questions. You may involve the manufacturer based on the terms of your contract with them. If I were you, I'd start collecting the following, if not already done: Cross-sectional drawings Installation and commissioning records Protection points in the design and validation of their functionality on the site... [ more ]
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Conferences for CEUs
Registered Member Hello Charles~ I would highly recommend MaximoWorld located in Phoenix,AZ and/or the International Maintenance Conference (IMC) located in Marco Island, Florida. Both of these conferences have educational sessions that align to the Uptime Elements and Asset Management Framework and provide excellent CEUs for your CRL certification. MaximoWorld: MaximoWord, TRIRIGAWorld, and Reliability 4.0 Digitalization Transformation Conference West August 7-10, 2023 - Phoenix, Arizona... [ more ]
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Gearbox Sleeve Bearing temperature rise on decreasing load
Registered Member I don't have a picture to share at the moment. However, I can tell you that the varnish is likely forming due to a combination of factors, including the age of the oil and the operating conditions of the bearing. On these essay paper reviews I found out that in terms of the relationship between high temperature, varnish, and low load, it's possible that the low load is causing insufficient oil flow, which in turn leads to varnish formation and high temperature. That's just a hypothesis,... [ more ]
Registered Member The rising temperature of the sleeve bearing is likely due to oil varnishing leading to clearance issues. Another possibility is that there could be a problem with the lubrication system, such as a clogged oil filter or restricted oil flow. It could also be an issue with the bearing, such as a damaged or worn one. I recommend performing a detailed inspection of the lubrication system and the bearing and possibly performing an oil analysis to determine any contaminants in the oil. [ more ]
Registered Member The load change would make shaft position change --> clearance change --> change temperature. How about shaft centerline? [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
Integrity Conversations
Registered Member En mi caso: Revisaría si el personal es el más calificado y mejor asignado para realizar esa tarea. Hacer un RCFA. Luego hacer las correcciones y mejoras correspondientes. Me parece que cone esas dos medidas, podría decir que orgnizativamente fue una buena práctica. Saludos [ more ]
Registered Member 👍
Registered Member Before casting blame, I would carryout an investigation as to whether the equipment is faulty or if the procedure, we believe to be correct, is actually incorrect. I would even review whether the replacement part is the correct one. [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
Certified Reliability Leader CRL vs Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP)
Registered Member I have recently become a CMRP and I am planning to also become a CRL. I think, and I have looked into the similarities and differences of the two, that both are very worthy of the needed time for study and testing. In fact, in my opinion, the study required for both is actually the point. My knowledge of maintenance grew as I studied for the CMRP exam and I have no doubt it will as I study for the CRL as well. I have seen both listed in job postings on indeed for maintenance management level... [ more ]
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Preventive or Predictive ? Discussion on an article titled 'Dont waste your time and money with condition monitoring'
Registered Member Also, authors use different meanings/applications for the same term/strategy . Frankly, there are so many contradictions. Do all agree that a major planned overhaul of a large compressor is considered a PM? No. Do all agree that a routine vibration measurement survey is maintenance by itself? No. Do all agree that an action based on a routine vibration measurement survey is proactive maintenance? No. Do all agree that an online vibration measurement is exactly a routine survey but done on an... [ more ]
Registered Member Yes, there are many examples where authors use different terms to define same strategy. [ more ]
Registered Member Perhaps there are terms that have different meanings to different people which creates a dispute. For example, what does RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) exactly mean and what are its outcomes? This is a topic sentence from the article: "RCM can only release its benefits if the degradation rate of failure modes is suitably consistent." Perhaps some reliability specialists would argue/disagree with it. If I recall correctly, the RCM study may advise the owner (based on many inputs) to... [ more ]
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High vibration in Fan Non DE bearing Horizontal direction
Registered Member Me too. and it was a big clearance between bearing and shaft. I started in 2018 announcing a problem with a bearing-to-shaft clearance because when we changed the bearing the shalf was damaged. of every time I have talked about this problem but nobody believes me. in 2020 we saw the shalf floating into the bearing! the bearing nd end in origing was blocked but now the axial vibration was very big. [ more ]
Registered Member This would be my approach: What maintenance was done. What were vibration before and after maintenance. how do the FFT compare before and after. Scan all bolted flanges with FRF and check phase across. It would not hurt to do impact test to identify structural natural frequencies. Do phase analysis across entire train especially coupling to check for any misalignment. [ more ]
Registered Member I assume NDE is the fan bearing bearing next to the fan wheel? Is this a direct drive or belt drive fan? What is the fan operating speed? Any phase data? Have you balanced the fan? Have seen this vibration pattern be pure imbalance due to weak bearing supports. See anything around the bearing supports that looks rusty in color like metal to metal contact or metal to concrete contact. Could the fan bearings not be in proper alignment with each other? Either side to side or vertically? Is... [ more ]
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Pump Vibration
Registered Member With high water level in the pit, natural frequency does not change. Vertical looseness goes away with high water level. it reduces damping and amplification factor increases. This explains why vibration amplitudes amplify with high water level in the pit. I will return to site in coming weeks. I will share more information later. [ more ]
Registered Member If 1X changes due to water level only, consider the effect of added mass to the entire pump system. This may explain a change in Fn. Hard to know for sure without a more complete ODS..... Have you considered a bump test for Fn at several different water levels? Regards Jim P [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks guys, I think I know what’s going on. I will present my conclusions later. [ more ]
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Impact of shop-floor balancing on in-suit dynamic balancing
Registered Member @Registered Member If 1x is dominant check the cross-phase between the vertical and horizontal. If 90 degree at each bearing, dynamic balancing should be an excellent tool to reduce the vibration. [ more ]
Registered Member Yes, we are working on other parameters such as ESP & process related issues. In spectrum it is only 1X component is observed. Both motor & fan bearings are journal bearings. [ more ]
Registered Member This is a "Yes, but..." type of questions. Theoretically, Insitu balancing would be the same as shop balancing if the 1X component in-situ is guaranteed to be only from unbalancing forces. Shop balancing ensures the above to great certainty. In site, 1X components can be a summation of misalignment, looseness, or other forces than just imbalance. This is maybe why the fan vibration is not reduced by balancing in the site, the problem can be anything else. Still, it was a wasted opportunity... [ more ]
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Frequency estimation on Mobius bearing fault simulation
Registered Member I like the SKF calculator. Excellent tool. [ more ]
Registered Member Interesting online calculator indeed. Also, interesting question. I guess your question is about observing a change in the calculated frequencies on the lower left part of the calculator when you tick or untick the box for Estimate frequencies. I've played with the calculator to reproduce what you saw. Ticking or unticking the box actually changes the values and my explanation for this is below. The way the calculator was programmed is based on two cases which are taught in the vibration... [ more ]
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Ingersoll Rand Compressor MM-250 Frequent Failure
Registered Member Hi! Y7. We have four such units at our site which normally gives 1 year useful life. There are number of contributing factors for failure. Dominant mode of failure is High Vibration. Can you kindly answer my following questions: 1- Are your units direct drive rigid transmission? If yes then does these have soft starters of DOL operation? 2- What is air quality level? How frequent you are replacing air filters? Are you using filters from OEM? 3- What's the duration for separator element... [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Fahad, IR engineering teams nearest hub to you are in UAE and Italy. I have some contacts. It will be good if you share more details about bearing failure under the thread, IR air compressors are common, we have 10 units of similar model. [ more ]
Registered Member One source I find on line states that the machine is rated to 46°C (115°F). If this machine is outdoors in sunlight I could see where the ambient temperature might be a factor. [ more ]
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Exploring Machine Learning Book
Registered Member Thanks for sharing your resource, I have purchased Andriy Burkov author book which is very useful to me with the help of this reference machine learning books . [ more ]
Registered Member Hello please see here this recommendation [ more ]
Registered Member Machine learning might be a subject that is not very much discussed here. Many people here however learn a lot about machines. Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa [ more ]
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Leading Into the Skills Gap
Registered Member Required [ more ]
Registered Member Hanging up the stigma behind Trades as a career is important to the sustainability of domestic manufacturing and keeping local economies strong. The Perkins Act focuses on areas where improvements can be made to current law in three key ways. First, it supports initiatives that promote careers in the Trades. Secondly, it facilitates collaboration among Trades educators and employers on appropriate training curriculum. Lastly, it ensures that training for highly skilled positions better... [ more ]
Registered Member ❤️
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Vibration Analysis Level 1 (or 2) Practice Question Q 45
Registered Member Jake, Thanks for the chart. I've comments that might be useful for some readers. There is a fundamental difference between the two waveforms (in Jake's post) which is physics. To explain this, let us use a third illustration. [source: ] Jake's upper plot is the amplitude (elevation of a point of the string) in the y-axis versus the location of points (examples are A, B, C, etc) along the length of the string on the x-axis. So here we look... [ more ]
Registered Member Dear colleagues here a Vibration poster that might be of your interest. ( no cost to download) [ more ]
Registered Member Hi, here’s a good visual of exactly how to find the period or frequency of any graph. [ more ]
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