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Pump Vibration
Registered Member With high water level in the pit, natural frequency does not change. Vertical looseness goes away with high water level. it reduces damping and amplification factor increases. This explains why vibration amplitudes amplify with high water level in the pit. I will return to site in coming weeks. I will share more information later. [ more ]
Registered Member If 1X changes due to water level only, consider the effect of added mass to the entire pump system. This may explain a change in Fn. Hard to know for sure without a more complete ODS..... Have you considered a bump test for Fn at several different water levels? Regards Jim P [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks guys, I think I know what’s going on. I will present my conclusions later. [ more ]
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Integrity Conversations
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Registered Member Before casting blame, I would carryout an investigation as to whether the equipment is faulty or if the procedure, we believe to be correct, is actually incorrect. I would even review whether the replacement part is the correct one. [ more ]
Registered Member Not knowing more about the specifics, I would also look at the piece of equipment in question to make sure it isn't overworked/under-engineered. Don't be looking to assign blame. Find out exactly why it failed, then figure out how to prevent that from happening again. If it IS the fault of the crew, make sure they all know exactly how to do the repair. Different people interpret things.....differently. Make sure everyone is on the same page. [ more ]
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Impact of shop-floor balancing on in-suit dynamic balancing
Registered Member @Registered Member If 1x is dominant check the cross-phase between the vertical and horizontal. If 90 degree at each bearing, dynamic balancing should be an excellent tool to reduce the vibration. [ more ]
Registered Member Yes, we are working on other parameters such as ESP & process related issues. In spectrum it is only 1X component is observed. Both motor & fan bearings are journal bearings. [ more ]
Registered Member This is a "Yes, but..." type of questions. Theoretically, Insitu balancing would be the same as shop balancing if the 1X component in-situ is guaranteed to be only from unbalancing forces. Shop balancing ensures the above to great certainty. In site, 1X components can be a summation of misalignment, looseness, or other forces than just imbalance. This is maybe why the fan vibration is not reduced by balancing in the site, the problem can be anything else. Still, it was a wasted opportunity... [ more ]
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Frequency estimation on Mobius bearing fault simulation
Registered Member I like the SKF calculator. Excellent tool. [ more ]
Registered Member Interesting online calculator indeed. Also, interesting question. I guess your question is about observing a change in the calculated frequencies on the lower left part of the calculator when you tick or untick the box for Estimate frequencies. I've played with the calculator to reproduce what you saw. Ticking or unticking the box actually changes the values and my explanation for this is below. The way the calculator was programmed is based on two cases which are taught in the vibration... [ more ]
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Ingersoll Rand Compressor MM-250 Frequent Failure
Registered Member Hi! Y7. We have four such units at our site which normally gives 1 year useful life. There are number of contributing factors for failure. Dominant mode of failure is High Vibration. Can you kindly answer my following questions: 1- Are your units direct drive rigid transmission? If yes then does these have soft starters of DOL operation? 2- What is air quality level? How frequent you are replacing air filters? Are you using filters from OEM? 3- What's the duration for separator element... [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Fahad, IR engineering teams nearest hub to you are in UAE and Italy. I have some contacts. It will be good if you share more details about bearing failure under the thread, IR air compressors are common, we have 10 units of similar model. [ more ]
Registered Member One source I find on line states that the machine is rated to 46°C (115°F). If this machine is outdoors in sunlight I could see where the ambient temperature might be a factor. [ more ]
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Exploring Machine Learning Book
Registered Member Thanks for sharing your resource, I have purchased Andriy Burkov author book which is very useful to me with the help of this reference machine learning books . [ more ]
Registered Member Hello please see here this recommendation [ more ]
Registered Member Machine learning might be a subject that is not very much discussed here. Many people here however learn a lot about machines. Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa [ more ]
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Leading Into the Skills Gap
Registered Member Required [ more ]
Registered Member Hanging up the stigma behind Trades as a career is important to the sustainability of domestic manufacturing and keeping local economies strong. The Perkins Act focuses on areas where improvements can be made to current law in three key ways. First, it supports initiatives that promote careers in the Trades. Secondly, it facilitates collaboration among Trades educators and employers on appropriate training curriculum. Lastly, it ensures that training for highly skilled positions better... [ more ]
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Vibration Analysis Level 1 (or 2) Practice Question Q 45
Registered Member Jake, Thanks for the chart. I've comments that might be useful for some readers. There is a fundamental difference between the two waveforms (in Jake's post) which is physics. To explain this, let us use a third illustration. [source: ] Jake's upper plot is the amplitude (elevation of a point of the string) in the y-axis versus the location of points (examples are A, B, C, etc) along the length of the string on the x-axis. So here we look... [ more ]
Registered Member Dear colleagues here a Vibration poster that might be of your interest. ( no cost to download) [ more ]
Registered Member Hi, here’s a good visual of exactly how to find the period or frequency of any graph. [ more ]
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Edit and Delete Functions on the Forum
Registered Member Dear Ali, thank you for your email and request. Please notice we changed the functions to control the content and integrity of the forum. Please do let me know the information you need me to edit/remove. Thanks in advance and please keep safe! Sincerely, -- Maura Abad Global Relationship Leader and Director of Women in Reliability and Asset Management Association of Asset Management Professionals Tel: (239) 533-9806, Ext 102 /" rel="noopener... [ more ]
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Dry Gas Seal on General Purpose Steam Turbines
Registered Member I suspect that you are considering to change from carbon seal to DGS used for steam turbine 1 stage. Before changing to use another kind of sealing method, you need to conduct Hazop analysis. the risk could be from Installation, leaking, material plan... In case of seal failed, the leaking, of course, is a problem. Together it, reducing performance, vibration, temp... could happen. you should base on seal OEM recommendation and monitoring/recorded data to decide when you should replace. [ more ]
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Batch Sugar Centrifuge Vibration problem
Registered Member We can balance only in single plane because we don't have access to other side,Those side movement might happen due to assembly error. We have successfully balanced onsite in single plane . I suggested before to check, if any assembly error might happen. Because I did not get any looseness in spectrum but 1X. [ more ]
Registered Member I have seen shop balanced rotors (but I havenever worked on a sugar screen) that had to be trim balanced when installed in the actual, on-site driven position. I am still confused about the visible movement in your video of the one, I guess your are currently working on, that has so much side movement when the brake is applied. Is this a common thing in all of these type basket designs? Appears that the mounting and driver is loosely mounted. The video does not seem to show any side movement... [ more ]
Registered Member I have balanced before centrifuges and batch sugar baskets on site. But mostly they sent for shop balancing. [ more ]
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CRL training exam
Registered Member Hello Shabir Ahmad Khan - We see you have inquired about CMRP training. The CMRP is a certification administered by SMRPCO and not AMP. AMP has the Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) certification which is a 2-hour, internet-based exam and has instructor-led advanced workshops which you can find at . Recommended Study Material The Uptime® Elements™ Passport Series or full CRL Body of Knowledge is the recommended study material along with the Uptime® Elements™... [ more ]
Registered Member Which edition for CMRP training is currently available. [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
Our CRL goal is ...
Registered Member Mohammed, I'm not sure if I understood your comment correctly. If you want to get certified, you need to take a computer based exam from the announced events on this website. Terry has been traveling a lot and putting a large investment in promoting this certification. Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa [ more ]
Registered Member Please reply with first step for the certification. Regards, Mohammed [ more ]
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fault housing and bearing
Registered Member Can you post vibration spectrum? Thanks [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Husky, Just to share some knowledge abt tool that u use, SKF CMAS100. Default setting for Enveloping (CL2) reading is for shaft diameter OD 50-300mm & machine speed 500-1800rpm. In that your case is machine speed of 3600rpm, this vibr pen is not suitable. As for my experience, I am not using vibr pen for Enveloping measurement because it will not give either precise nor accurate reading. For vibration (velocity mm/s) is ok. Try ADASH vibr pen for more enhanced features. [ more ]
Registered Member I know what the tool is and that gE level would be high enough to warrant an inspection, were you able to grease the bearing mid reading? Ideally that tool is ok for assisting in greasing and less critical plant assessment, I wouldn't use it for high criticality machines your better off with a SKF Microlog in that case. [ more ]
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Intermittent high vibration and phase change on DE bearing of 24 MW Generator
Registered Member Can you share the full spectrum waterfall also to identify the rubbing or load shifting issues. [ more ]
Registered Member I'm sure you have checked but could you share if anything else has changed? Bearing temperatures, oil pressure, ambient conditions, etc. To discount the Morton effect completely, try changing the oil temperature and see if this has an effect. If you have access to an ultrasonic analyser, try taking the output from the ultrasonic unit into your vibration analyser and use the demodulator (Peak-Vue) function - that will more readily identify if there is a mechanical rub. [ more ]
Registered Member Dear RG, Plots have been attached for your reference. Maximum amplitude of vibration during these events is not increasing with time at steady state normal operation. However, it has been observed that frequency of occurrence of these events is increasing. No abnormality found in gap voltages. During these events vibration increases gradually. Best Regards, [ more ]
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