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Pay scale for vibration analysist
Registered Member I would have to agree with the manager comment from ' monitor ' most managers dont know the value of a qualified vibration analysist the job itself is only brought into question whenever something is missed and when it comes to pay levels and workload it will seem sometimes it doesnt weigh up which is the position i am in but we carry on gaining experience in not only measuring and reporting but how we use this information and hope one day the right job in the right location will turn up . [ more ]
Registered Member Most of the 'managers' doesn't no what vibration monitoring really means and how certified VA take care of. For those who know what it means they never hassitate to call a certifed VA and doesn't ask what it costs, they know the benefit of it. It frustrates because behind the scene the VA sets the lines of urgency's and maintain reliability/safety. The custumor takes the real benefits. Most company profile's are driven by money, until a big accident occurs and the insurance company is... [ more ]
Registered Member I received offer in UAE abt 8000 only as Vibration Analyst / Specialist. I guess this is way to low and reject it. Regret that to know other position (more into Operation Production) gain better package with more than tripple above wage. I'm sad as vibration analyst i guess should get high package due to the critical machine we taking care of. Note: Currently still gaining low wage structure as myself in Asian region. Thanks for the post [ more ]
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Employment OpportunitiesReliabilityResumes
Vibration Analyst Opportunity
Registered Member We now have opportunities in the Carlsbad, New Mexico area for Vibe and IR Analysts. If interested check out our our job postings on our career link at and email your resume to me at [ more ]
Registered Member Anything around the midwest [ more ]
Registered Member Think you have the wrong person.Check your address. [ more ]
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