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API Certifications
Registered Member What makes you think there is a certification exam for specific machines? It is my understanding that the purpose of certification exams is to insure that a person is a qualified inspector in a specific area. In other words, an exam is given for API 510 certification. That exam is titled API 510 Pressure Vessels Inspector Certification Program and its purpose is to insure that a pressure vessel inspector knows what he/she is doing. A list of available programs is at... [ more ]
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Field Engineer Needed - Decatur Alabama
Registered Member I would like to apply for this position. Please consider my candidature. I'm a graduate mechanical engineer from India with six (6) years experience in Equipment, Systems & Condition Monitoring. Call for an interview is highly solicited. Thank you. [ more ]
Registered Member Though it's been long u have posted, i still wants to know whether there is any vacancies left. i am meeting all the requirements and even i 'm working in the same filed and visits to various clients to perform the predictive maintenance job. Please note that i'm from india. [ more ]
Registered Member Good day gentleman, i have cat III in vibration(mobius) +level 1 in IR(ITC Dubai)+optical gas imagining (ITC USA) and in process for ultrasound level 1 at the end of this year ,however i have a problem I worked in Arab gulf i'm not an american but i have a business visa to came at US for the next 5 years. let me know if i fit. thanks [ more ]
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Vibration Position Openings
Registered Member I am looking for opportunity. Cat-2 Vibration Analyst from VI, Have over 11 years of experience in vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography and acoustic emissions... Have hands on experience on CSI instruments, offline and online monitoring and diagnostics. [ more ]
Registered Member I am Interested for this vibration analysis jobs , Please review my profile . Kiran josyula [ more ]
Registered Member I'd like to relocate... [ more ]
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Vibration Analyst, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Registered Member Hi Kiran, Thank you for your reply, and I apologize for taking a few days to get back to you. Have you applied via the link I posted? That's the only way HR sees resumes. V/R, Cory Cochran [ more ]
Registered Member Dear Cory Cochran, I m submitting my updated resume for the post of Plant maintenance & Condition Monitoring Job in your organization. I have 12 years’ Experience in Condition monitoring. My last working in Madina WLL in Dolphin energy working as a Condition Monitoring Supervisor position. I am interested in working for an organization that will allow optimal use of my drive and expertise for corporate benefit. I am an innovative thinker who believes in applying analysis and creativity... [ more ]
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Vibration Analyst- Camas, WA
Registered Member Hello and thank you for your interest in Georgia-Pacific! Unfortunately at this time this position does not offer relocation. We certainly invite you to continue to watch Georgia-Pacific's career website for further opportunities. Thank you! [ more ]
Registered Member I have applied for this position twice. I meet all of the requirements listed. The second time I applied I assumed someone had already been selected then experienced a change in circumstances so the position was reposted. What skillset is currently being sought after for this position? -chris [ more ]
Registered Member ❤️
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Reliability Certifications
Registered Member PE - Professional Engineer License? [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Josh, Thank you I found always your answers... I'm going to take CMRP first, and deciding for next step, I think RCMII facilitation could have some direct application soon for me and in the long term I would like to study for the CRE, that looks as a really hard certification. Still not sure on PAS55, but if it becomes a standar on the industry, I'll go for it. Really I'm finding great content on CMRP preparation, this forum, webinars, tons of books, articles, tweets, linkedin. As I post... [ more ]
Registered Member Txema Which do you want to take first? [ more ]
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Entry Level Position
Registered Member I sent you a message on your site board. Please answer to me at ciao. [ more ]
Registered Member Dear Joe I am interested to serve you. My experience and qualification details are available in CV attached. Feel free to discuss further. [ more ]
Registered Member hello sir, myself rakesh kumar working in predictive maintaince design ltd, which is service provide company, i have basic nowledge about in condition monitoring,vibration analysis, thermal imagine,mcsi. plz give me one chance i promiss to you ,you satisfy my worrk. [ more ]
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Pay scale for vibration analysist
Registered Member I would have to agree with the manager comment from ' monitor ' most managers dont know the value of a qualified vibration analysist the job itself is only brought into question whenever something is missed and when it comes to pay levels and workload it will seem sometimes it doesnt weigh up which is the position i am in but we carry on gaining experience in not only measuring and reporting but how we use this information and hope one day the right job in the right location will turn up . [ more ]
Registered Member Most of the 'managers' doesn't no what vibration monitoring really means and how certified VA take care of. For those who know what it means they never hassitate to call a certifed VA and doesn't ask what it costs, they know the benefit of it. It frustrates because behind the scene the VA sets the lines of urgency's and maintain reliability/safety. The custumor takes the real benefits. Most company profile's are driven by money, until a big accident occurs and the insurance company is... [ more ]
Registered Member I received offer in UAE abt 8000 only as Vibration Analyst / Specialist. I guess this is way to low and reject it. Regret that to know other position (more into Operation Production) gain better package with more than tripple above wage. I'm sad as vibration analyst i guess should get high package due to the critical machine we taking care of. Note: Currently still gaining low wage structure as myself in Asian region. Thanks for the post [ more ]
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Vibration Analyst needed
Registered Member We do quite a bit of this type of work and can probably help you out with the analysis and competitive pricing. Contact Mike at 512 760 6735. [ more ]
Registered Member Larkin, Timken Reliability Services has a person located Maryville TN that could help you with your analysis needs and also help you get your program back on track. Give me a call at 513-615-7625 to discuss your needs further. Donald Nice, Jr. [ more ]
Registered Member We at Alert Analytical are now setup where we can remotely analyze your data or have you send it to us to analyze as you requested. We also can do this internationally. With this remote access we can also train your analysis, both beginners and companies needing a second opinion. This remote access is the next best thing being in the room with the your analyst. Alert Analytical 715-893-5035 [ more ]
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US or Canada Credible migration agency
Registered Member Thanks a lot Richard for your info. I appreciate much. [ more ]
Registered Member It took a full year for me to get permanent resident status (i.e. before I was allowed to work in the country). I believe the all up cost was around $1000, but I don't really remember. Obviously is will be more if you are bringing a family and the fees have probably all changed since then. The schedule of fees for all the different types of visas is on their website. [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks Richard. Sorry for not not noticing your reply and excuse for me making another inquiry, how long does the process take and expected expenses? [ more ]
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2-plane balancing system wanted
Registered Member I already developed a balancing equipment base on National Instruments and Labview. Are you still interesting? [ more ]
Registered Member Items 7 and 8 are at odds with each other. If you want to "own the sourcecode" then you are talking a one off system. I am not sure how many companies would want to support it after you make changes to the code. Who is going to take the heat in case of a liability? Just a thought, [ more ]
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Maintenance Engineer, Naugatuck CT
Registered Member I just filled the form for job n° 09628. please let me know, regards. [ more ]
Registered Member Use the link in my posting above to enter your info and then send me a message and I will have the admin retrieve your resume. It appears the posting was pulled for some reason, but the job is still open. We only can consider candidates that apply through the website, so you have to enter your resume there. [ more ]
Registered Member please let me know where I can send You my CV. Regards [ more ]
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Reliability Technician - Decatur AL
Registered Member Send resumes here please [ more ]
Registered Member I know of a candidate that may be interested. He is certified level 2 in vibe with IR experience and some ultrasound - not sure of the extent. His data collector and software experience is with Emerson (CSI) and can perform balancing. He also lives in the vicinity of Decatur, Alabama. Do you have any contact information? [ more ]
Registered Member please provide mail id. i am interesting [ more ]
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