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Preventive or Predictive ? Discussion on an article titled 'Dont waste your time and money with condition monitoring'
Registered Member Also, authors use different meanings/applications for the same term/strategy . Frankly, there are so many contradictions. Do all agree that a major planned overhaul of a large compressor is considered a PM? No. Do all agree that a routine vibration measurement survey is maintenance by itself? No. Do all agree that an action based on a routine vibration measurement survey is proactive maintenance? No. Do all agree that an online vibration measurement is exactly a routine survey but done on an... [ more ]
Registered Member Yes, there are many examples where authors use different terms to define same strategy. [ more ]
Registered Member Perhaps there are terms that have different meanings to different people which creates a dispute. For example, what does RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) exactly mean and what are its outcomes? This is a topic sentence from the article: "RCM can only release its benefits if the degradation rate of failure modes is suitably consistent." Perhaps some reliability specialists would argue/disagree with it. If I recall correctly, the RCM study may advise the owner (based on many inputs) to... [ more ]
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Frequency estimation on Mobius bearing fault simulation
Registered Member I like the SKF calculator. Excellent tool. [ more ]
Registered Member Interesting online calculator indeed. Also, interesting question. I guess your question is about observing a change in the calculated frequencies on the lower left part of the calculator when you tick or untick the box for Estimate frequencies. I've played with the calculator to reproduce what you saw. Ticking or unticking the box actually changes the values and my explanation for this is below. The way the calculator was programmed is based on two cases which are taught in the vibration... [ more ]
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Exploring Machine Learning Book
Registered Member Thanks for sharing your resource, I have purchased Andriy Burkov author book which is very useful to me with the help of this reference machine learning books . [ more ]
Registered Member Hello please see here this recommendation [ more ]
Registered Member Machine learning might be a subject that is not very much discussed here. Many people here however learn a lot about machines. Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa [ more ]
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Vibration Analysis Level 1 (or 2) Practice Question Q 45
Registered Member Jake, Thanks for the chart. I've comments that might be useful for some readers. There is a fundamental difference between the two waveforms (in Jake's post) which is physics. To explain this, let us use a third illustration. [source: ] Jake's upper plot is the amplitude (elevation of a point of the string) in the y-axis versus the location of points (examples are A, B, C, etc) along the length of the string on the x-axis. So here we look... [ more ]
Registered Member Dear colleagues here a Vibration poster that might be of your interest. ( no cost to download) [ more ]
Registered Member Hi, here’s a good visual of exactly how to find the period or frequency of any graph. [ more ]
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Batch Sugar Centrifuge Vibration problem
Registered Member We can balance only in single plane because we don't have access to other side,Those side movement might happen due to assembly error. We have successfully balanced onsite in single plane . I suggested before to check, if any assembly error might happen. Because I did not get any looseness in spectrum but 1X. [ more ]
Registered Member I have seen shop balanced rotors (but I havenever worked on a sugar screen) that had to be trim balanced when installed in the actual, on-site driven position. I am still confused about the visible movement in your video of the one, I guess your are currently working on, that has so much side movement when the brake is applied. Is this a common thing in all of these type basket designs? Appears that the mounting and driver is loosely mounted. The video does not seem to show any side movement... [ more ]
Registered Member I have balanced before centrifuges and batch sugar baskets on site. But mostly they sent for shop balancing. [ more ]
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Audit it. Improve it! Getting the most from your vibration monitoring program
Registered Member All MRO-Zone books are available with a 30-day money back - even from I just re-read this book - and yes, our company is the publisher, so we are huge fans of Alan's work, but I think this book and workbook is a must read for anyone managing ANY type of condition monitoring program. If you have read the book and agree - please post a review at to encourage Alan to keep writing and to spread the word. [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks for your interest. I am sorry, but I don't have parts of the book in a format I can share. You can purchase here though: [ more ]
Registered Member ❤️
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Asset Management, Asset Mortality, and Sustainability
Registered Member I thought the RCM report by N&H already said so because most failures (about 80%) are random and the remaining are those failures due to uniform degradation mechanisms like wear or corrosion which are applicable to tires and light bulbs. [ more ]
Registered Member Read the article but didn't really get anything out of it. What did I miss? [ more ]
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critical speed
Registered Member critical speed is the speed when the natural frequency is excited by the mass residual unbalance force. at this state the mass factor and the stiffness factor are against each other in direction which cause to lower the system resistance to vibration force. any type of rotor will have one or more critical speed. so it will be like 1st critical speed 2nd critical speed and so on. [ more ]
Registered Member Dear The reason is that when an equipment is operated at critical speed resonance occurs shooting vibration amplitude. Which can lead to failure. Zaheer [ more ]
Registered Member Critical speed is the speed at which equipment has highest vibration amplitude. Critical speeds are not different types. A pump should not be operated at its critical speed. Example: If you have a pump that starts from 0 RPM and 890 RPM is its maximum speed. If pump critical speed is 800 CPM then design changes are required. This is some basics for your understanding. [ more ]
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PdM Related Magazines
Registered Member Just got my first issue (print) of Waves from Bruel & Kjaer ( Although it is more slanted to sound/noise, it includes articles on vibration as well. The articles are very interesting. [ more ]
Registered Member I seriously miss Reliability Magazine. It was worth paying for. [ more ]
Registered Member Got my October issue of "Electrical Apparatus" yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation Pete. [ more ]
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Maintenance and Reliability Books
Registered Member Asset management focusing on developing maintenance strategies and improving performance, edited by Alan Wilson, follows on from the original Asset Management book published in 1999. [ more ]
Registered Member I have been following Vee and Terry since long. Not only in this website but as well as in AMP. I would have to mention the work of Ricky Smith and Joel Leonard in the field of Maintenance & Reliability. Request Vee and other Authors to ensure that 'Indian' editions are released too so that it becomes viable for us to grab or order that copy which the whole world is going ga-ga over. Vee can appreciate this better. I am now preparing for CMRP and have somehow managed to read RCM II,... [ more ]
Registered Member Danged interesting idea.....there are so few references on the subject, and I don't know of any great flow of new information, and many of the good ones are either out of print, or will be soon....... I would be willing to put my two cents in.....some prime candidates (IMHO) are: Any of Jim Taylor's stuff - I don't think it is print any more, but there is (I think) a signficant inventory of his books stockpiled and available Art Crawford's wonderful Vol I and Vol II, which may still be... [ more ]
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Best maintenance books
Registered Member Alright ! Thank you very much. I've found a way to estimate some KPI! How can I close this post ? [ more ]
Registered Member Actually, i am also looking books that what are you looking for. D. Polmer as a good writer, but i can not find any MTBS, MTBF, and how to calculate it. Otherwise, some maintenance books did not mention and discussed it in their book [ more ]
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About EMF
Registered Member Avoid rainy days while raising your hand or holding an umbrella or your exposure limit will be instantaneous! Walt [ more ]
Registered Member Is that before or after the cell phone gives you brain cancer? That still remains a question. [ more ]
Registered Member EMF's are characterized by frequency or wavelength into one of two radioactive category : non-ionizing and ionizing.electric magnetic field is not perceptible in energy area.It affect behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. [ more ]
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Suggest Book
Registered Member Thanks John [ more ]
Registered Member Review the thread at . Note that the last entry (as of this moment) mentions a book by James Taylor. This may be the book ( although I can't be certain of the book Bill Kilbey is referring to. [ more ]
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Vendor's Tech Notes, etc.
Registered Member PRÜFTECHNIK [url]Shaft Alignment and Vibration Guide[/url] - found this link broken - now you need to fill the form to get access Practical Guide to Shaft Alignment Technical notes: Registration is needed [ more ]
Registered Member CSI Technologies Knowledge Base Articles: Registration is needed There are also white papers here: Choose brand and document category [ more ]
Registered Member Brüel & Kjær Technical Reviews Accel Handbook (Russian) [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPBook and Article Discussions
Machinery Malfunction Diagnosis and Correction seminar
Registered Member This 4-day seminar will again be offered starting on 22 July 2013 and running through 25 July 2013. It will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn on Padre Island Drive in Corpus Christi Texas. The area is a popular vacation spot and while you attend the seminar during the day the family can enjoy Padre Island and Mustang Island. The seminar uses the book Machinery Malfunction Diagnosis and Correction as a foundation document, and includes many additional topics to stay up to date with this... [ more ]
Registered Member John, if consideration to have a session in Malaysia will be materialized, i will wait for that one. [ more ]
Registered Member Valve, you still have time to sign up for the course and get a copy on CD and 4-1/2 days of facetime with Bob Eisenmann all for about the same price. [ more ]
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