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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
Integrity Conversations
Registered Member En mi caso: Revisaría si el personal es el más calificado y mejor asignado para realizar esa tarea. Hacer un RCFA. Luego hacer las correcciones y mejoras correspondientes. Me parece que cone esas dos medidas, podría decir que orgnizativamente fue una buena práctica. Saludos [ more ]
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Registered Member Before casting blame, I would carryout an investigation as to whether the equipment is faulty or if the procedure, we believe to be correct, is actually incorrect. I would even review whether the replacement part is the correct one. [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
Certified Reliability Leader CRL vs Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP)
Registered Member I have recently become a CMRP and I am planning to also become a CRL. I think, and I have looked into the similarities and differences of the two, that both are very worthy of the needed time for study and testing. In fact, in my opinion, the study required for both is actually the point. My knowledge of maintenance grew as I studied for the CMRP exam and I have no doubt it will as I study for the CRL as well. I have seen both listed in job postings on indeed for maintenance management level... [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
Leading Into the Skills Gap
Registered Member Required [ more ]
Registered Member Hanging up the stigma behind Trades as a career is important to the sustainability of domestic manufacturing and keeping local economies strong. The Perkins Act focuses on areas where improvements can be made to current law in three key ways. First, it supports initiatives that promote careers in the Trades. Secondly, it facilitates collaboration among Trades educators and employers on appropriate training curriculum. Lastly, it ensures that training for highly skilled positions better... [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
CRL training exam
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Registered Member Hello Shabir Ahmad Khan - We see you have inquired about CMRP training. The CMRP is a certification administered by SMRPCO and not AMP. AMP has the Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) certification which is a 2-hour, internet-based exam and has instructor-led advanced workshops which you can find at . Recommended Study Material The Uptime® Elements™ Passport Series or full CRL Body of Knowledge is the recommended study material along with the Uptime® Elements™... [ more ]
Registered Member Which edition for CMRP training is currently available. [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
Our CRL goal is ...
Registered Member Mohammed, I'm not sure if I understood your comment correctly. If you want to get certified, you need to take a computer based exam from the announced events on this website. Terry has been traveling a lot and putting a large investment in promoting this certification. Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa [ more ]
Registered Member Please reply with first step for the certification. Regards, Mohammed [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
I would love your advice on Augury's new product
Registered Member Yair, I am a prior maintenance and facilities manager that is in a reliability engineering role now, and managing our plan's PdM program. I am in the process of evaluating our program and looking to streamline, upgrade, consolidate. I'll be glad to take a look at what your offering is and give any relevant feedback. Regards, Michael Meehan [ more ]
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Welcome to AMPCertified Reliability Leader (CRL) Forum
Reliability Leader: Profoundness of Language
Registered Member All of these comments strike a chord in me but none help with my current quandary. I'm trying to implement an Asset Maintenance initiative company wide and am trying to figure out how to engage business lines that don't fall in the "normal" realm of AM. For example how do I keep the folks from our construction side engaged in the conversation or those from our corporate business offices? Any ideas? [ more ]
Registered Member Another way in which language can be profound is in how we use it to set goals. I was considering, over the weekend, the difference between an organization geared to "reduce downtime" versus one tasked with "maximizing uptime". I believe the more positive language, working toward MORE of something is better from a leadership perspective. Trying to obtain more of something is simply more "active" than trying to get less of it's opposite. Trying to gain spurs people on whereas trying to lose... [ more ]
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