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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
CM/PM Ratio
Registered Member I think your plant needs to get a detailed RCM done by some experts in the field. After following OEM recommendations, you are obviously having more failures, indicated by your high CM figures. You need to go back to the drawing board and look at this from a RCM point of view. Another route of action might be to identify all the bad actors and then carry our Root Cause analysis to identify and fix problems. 70% Corrective Maintenance is too high. Finally, if PTT GC would be able to spend a... [ more ]
Registered Member Josh, I know that our culture still in reactive mode while basic PM (OEM recommend) are in place. I do not count manhour spent during shutdown/outage period, only count during routinve maintenance and not sure how propoer frequency to calculate this KPI. [ more ]
Registered Member Josh, I know that my plant still in reactive culture and try to improve while all basic PM that OEM recommend are in place. Our plant running 16 yrs ago but why manhour spend only corrective work. In practicle, I'm not sure how frequency calcuate CM/PM M-H ratio? I do that a month and data sources from routine maintenance only not count work during shutdown or outage. I don't know how to start and motivate in my team??? [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Registered Member Hi Typically, MTBF is made for a grouped similar assets like motors, centrifugal pumps, compressors to have meaningful and clear actions later to improve. For the case you mentioned, the effect of age will be reflected in total operating time. [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Any KPis for leadership?
Registered Member A different way to look at it here: [ more ]
Registered Member I thought some KPIs here may be applicable: [ more ]
Registered Member AUK, yes I ever heard some technicians complained that their feedback/comment or recommendations or suggestions following PM checks never implemented by their bosses. So they got fed up with giving feedbacks etc. [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Preventive vs Repair Maintenance
Registered Member Anton, you should be tracking this by time (hours). If you have a slow worker on a PM, eventually he will also do a corrective maintenance and it will eventually even out. The idea is that we need to know how many hours we spend on each type of maintenance, not just the number of occurrences so that we know where our labor is being applied the most and get to an 80% planned (minimum) threshold. Once we are devoting 20% or lees of our time to unscheduled and breakdown maintenance, we will... [ more ]
Registered Member I think there are some things you can do in this case. For example, of improving the quality of the planning and scheduling documents you already have. Where this document hopes would be a living document that will be reviewed every year. Starting from an existing job plan, if it is appropriate and optimal, or even overlapping. Do maintenace task was appropriate and so forth. Due to the continuous improvement that is the one way to maximize the planning and scheduling is good, so that the... [ more ]
Registered Member For simplicity, you can divide the types of maintenance works into preventive maintenance (which proactive) versus corrective maintenance (which is reactive). Preventive is planned eg maintenance plan in OEM manuals. Corrective is not planned, including breakdown and run to failure on purpose. Now, you can quantify these preventive versus corrective by 3 measures which are: 1) by number of jobs 2) by labour or manhours spent on each job 3) by total cost of doing the job. Pls note nos. 2... [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Unplanned downtime
Registered Member When i received the AMP newsletter in my in-box the subject heading was "[AMP] How Do You Accurately Track Down Time?" and featured your discussion here. I was going to reply, use our trademarked " True Downtime Cost " (TDC), see . Imagine my surprise when I got here and found out the "how to" was not your question, but in was what is considered world class percentage? I believe your goal should be always constant improvement, regardless of what people's... [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Maintenance Backlog Crew Weeks
Registered Member The formula for calculating backlog is as follows Backlog = identified work in hours ÷ craft availability per week (in hrs ) For example, a backlog for mechanical discipline contains 2,000 hrs of work. The current workforce has ten technicians who each work 40 hours per week. Then, Backlog = 2,000 ÷ 400 Backlog = 5 Weeks An optimum backlog is considered to be between two and four weeks of work [ more ]
Registered Member Is itbBacklog manhours/crew manhours within a week? [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Emergent Work KPI
Registered Member The backlog status can be broken down into unplanned, planned, awaiting materials, awaiting external service, scheduled or in progress until completed. [ more ]
Registered Member Well, first I thought the work type eg emergent work as you call it cannot change with time. It seems the better work type is breakdown as you said so. Do you mean the repair for the breakdown will be started in 30 days or the time to start and complete the repair is 30 days? Anyway, within the 30 days, the emergent job can be considered a backlog after it has been planned and scheduled to be ready for execution. [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Quotes relating to Maintenance KPIs
Registered Member KPI's? Back up to basic philosophy for projects. Consider the "Service Triangle". I first saw in OMNI magazine in 1992 going to field service assignment. (as newly minted 'visiting expert' with full factory support. Hey--we all started somewhere) Draw a triangle and label the sides. * Cheap * Fast * Good You may choose 2. Your customer WANTS all three ... but that's not the way the world works. At your service -- Arthur [ more ]
Registered Member On the subject of averages (means) & variation Head in the freezer & feet in the oven. On average everything is perfect....but the variation will kill you. -or- Burn't on the outside and frozen in the middle... on average you have the perfect fish stick!! [ more ]
Registered Member Your typical maintenance KPIs would be categorised into maintenance efficiency measures and maintenance effectiveness measures. As an example: Maintenance efficiency - labour productivity, MTTR, spares turnover, labour availability, etc. i.e. how well the maintenance organisation is performing . Maintenance effectiveness - machine reliability, OEE,MTBF, equipment availability, etc. i.e. how well maintenance procedures/processes are performing . The essence of KPIs is that they indicate to... [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
PM labor hours vs EM labor hours
Registered Member I actually use below indicators; -PM labour / CM labor -EM labour hours / Total hours worked -EM labour hours / Total hours available There above indicators are different meaning. [ more ]
Registered Member Re: PM labor hours vs EM labor hours [ more ]
Registered Member You can use several indicators to improve effectiveness of representation such as: 1) No. of unplanned calls or work requests or work orders 2) amount of manhours spent on emergency works vs PM 3) amount of costs spent on parts or materials, equipment and toll, manpower and services required. [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Maintenance KPI's for Port/Jetty
Registered Member Hello Team I am working in SABIC as Engineer Maintenance Planning & Control. I have to arrange Reliability campaign in my company. Kindly advise me few excelent Quotes projecting the Paramount importance of Maintenance KPIs. Thanking you all in anticipation. Ziauddin [ more ]
Registered Member Thank you Maru for sharing the insight of KPI measurement at your place. This surely provides me material to start with. Best Regards [ more ]
Registered Member Vinay, we work with port equipment as: quay and yard cranes, reach stackers, empty handlers in a container terminal in Mexico. So, hope it helps a little. Among others, we have two kpis that WE call availabilty and efficiency. Availability: We register the downtime and take away this from the total hours in the month. We use this number for maintenance internal measurement purpouses. Since I register my downtimes identifying the reasons: Programmed preventive maintenance, corrective... [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
what is a good KPI for effectiveness of CMMS/EAM?
Registered Member I see this is a very old thread. no worries. The question was ..identify good KPIs for use of CMMS/EAM. I'd like to first state some assumptions: > Core Team and stakeholders are actively involved > Business Analyst role exists - and regularly surveys the user level as to problems/issues > Reliability Team exists - and has regular meetings (and utilize data/reports from CMMS) > CMMS functional side expert position/role exists > Benchmarking is regularly performed by... [ more ]
Registered Member Several years ago I set up a series of indicators which feed a KPI called "Work Order Content Evaluation". This was origionally developed to aid in insuring that failure codes were being added to all demand maintenace work orders (Emergancy -ER & Corrective - CM). It checked for four criteria. These were Labor Hours, Failure Class Code, System Code, and Asset# &/or Location. Our implementation of MAXIMO 6.0 processes 30,000 plus work orders per month and we initially attempted to... [ more ]
Registered Member I want to add one thing here these are only tools. If a tools not used properly It will not function or functions improperly. If a tool is not properly prepaired it will not work properly. If the person using the tool doesnt know how why etc it wont work properly. If the tool is not cared for and checked and repaired constantly it will not work properly. Summing this up short, expect less from it then you put in, it has its own degree of quality. Also be warned! If it was a perfect 100%... [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Top 3 KPIs
Registered Member As a Maintenance Personnel,in my opinion this is the main KPI that should be considered in line with costing. In general, Engineering and Maintenance Department is to support the production so downtime will be prevented. [ more ]
Registered Member Nobody mentioned OEE? Surely that is in the top 3 KPI's http://www.maintenanceassistan...pment-effectiveness/ [ more ]
Registered Member can we use consultant to measure the asset value just like assessor from bank who assess our asset before they provide loans. Anyone ever use the service of such consultant? What is the cost to use this asset evaluation services? sorry, maybe I should start a new RAV discussion for this.. pls advise [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Registered Member MBTI and MTTR measure reliability and maintainability. Those 2 metrics can have a major impact on system availability, which is key for business. Systems need to be able to operate when needed. For more info on this see this document - http://www.maintenanceassistan...affect-availability/ It also links to pages with some useful info on MTTR and MBTI [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
KPIs for High Performance Maintenance Teams
Registered Member Here are the 2 biggest maintenance KPI's worth tracking: http://www.maintenanceassistan...n-time-between-fail/ and http://www.maintenanceassistan...mean-time-to-repair/ [ more ]
Registered Member Those KPIs above are all lagging KPIs. Once these are established, once can move on to report leading KPIs. [ more ]
Registered Member There are also turnaround/shutdown KPIs if you wish to explore. [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
KPI Level Discussion
Registered Member See an example here below; 1st level: Net Profit > xxxxxx$$ 2nd level: Optimum Maintenance Cost 3rd level: Maintenance Index (USD per EDC) (Solomon) 4th level: Maintenance budget control, Overtime control, High priority work control. Note: Only for dicussion [ more ]
Registered Member an you share some examples here? [ more ]
Registered Member Sure, I had KPI mapping in all level that must be relation between level. The bottom line "Functional KPI" that should relate in above KPI level. [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
Backlog Crew Week Equation
Registered Member Before synergy, we normally have away day like a team building or other relate to business. After, we during alignment e.g. process, procedure, organization, reporting & KPI and etc. One thing of my problem is reporting & KPI due to defination are difference. I do the reporting & KPI of only Maintenance team B but team A (the one of companry synergy) have their own report & KPI. Some KPI as same description but different in the equation....... [ more ]
Registered Member Ah...If that is the case, why don;t have a synergy away day to standardize the KPI definitons. Do you a champion for your plant KPIs reproting program? [ more ]
Registered Member I used it KPI in 10 year ago, but my company have to synergy with another plant until now we need to align the defination of each KPI and equation also. [ more ]
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LeadershipKey Performance Indicators
KPI's for Predictive Maintenance / Vibration
Registered Member Harold Consider adding a. % of correct predictions to sample size b. % of incorrect predictions to sample size c. % of corrections completed by due date [ more ]
Registered Member Harold, I would recommend indicating the Vibration status in colors with Green, Amber and Red for OK, Alert and Emergency, since using Visual traffic light indicators are more eye catching and visible. Visibility improvement is part of Reliability improvement. I would also recommend to include list of corrective work orders raised by Predictive team during the month and their status in the KPI report. [ more ]
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