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Cavitation in API process pumps
Registered Member Greetings Akashri, Mr. Kumar is correct in all the above, problem is now you have to determine which one it is and how to correct it. Most of the time I have found it to be a Engineering design issue by Turbulence, improper positioning of elbow, strainer etc.. but the best way I have found to determine this is by using an Ultrasonic leak detector head-set. Using this can help you determine the location of the cavitation then guide you to what you should be looking for i.e. bad pump seals,... [ more ]
Registered Member Greetings Akashri , Cavitation can form in any type of fluid transfer centrifugal pump . Cavitation occurs when air, steam, or thermal fluid vapors become entrained in the fluid. Fortunately, cavitation exhibits clear warning signs before it becomes a facility-threatening issue. Some of the symptoms of cavitation include Decreased flow or pressure: When a pump produces lower flow volume or pressures than expected, it may be a result of cavities forming in internal components. Noise:... [ more ]
Registered Member Sure, cavitation can take place in H/C pumps. Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa [ more ]
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Overhung Fan assemblies Which bearing should be fixed and floating?
Registered Member Re: Overhung Fan assemblies Which bearing should be fixed and floating? [ more ]
Registered Member Please note that my email address is NO LONGER I have mostly retired and my email address is NOW [ more ]
Registered Member Anantharaman, What you are saying sounds correct. It is normal to fix the bearing handling the higher radial load. Refer Plant Services article [ more ]
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When should we perform maintenance ?
Registered Member Condition monitoring is crucial in the predictive maintenance of machinery. The process involves monitoring specific conditions and parameters of the machine in real-time. This helps in predicting machine failures and unplanned asset breakdowns. However, keep in mind that maintenance should only be performed when emerging faults and can also be identified early on. These emerging faults can be predicted by gathering historical data of the machinery and monitoring the temperature and the... [ more ]
Registered Member Thank you Jim and Shurafa for your comments. This is the real case. [ more ]
Registered Member I tend to agree with Jim. One of the best practices is to review and revise the setpoints based on the plant-specific experience, perhaps every three years or so. The setpoints could go up or down. If failures took place while the reading was below the shutdown setpoint, this is a flag that there is a weakness somewhere. Maybe the period between data collection is too far, maybe the setpoint is too high, maybe the failure mode is not detectable early enough by vibration etc. On the other... [ more ]
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Condition Monitoring Systems
Registered Member Contact them for a free demo, in most cases you can try it before you buy it Vibe/Temp/spectrums/waveforms/trends/alarms/analysis abilities/secure/from any web browser Dave [ more ]
Registered Member Condition monitoring is one of the vital tools in the predictive maintenance of assets. Through condition monitoring, maintenance can be easily scheduled, unplanned downtime can be avoided, and emerging faults and can also be identified. By determining when an asset fails, technicians can follow safe work practices. With the help of condition monitoring, the technician can also focus on the correct fault and not waste time checking each part of the asset. If you are planning to implement... [ more ]
Registered Member There are many considerations to take into account before purchasing an online system. I have experience with several manufacturer's and here is what I have learned: 1. These systems require some knowledge of computer networking. You may need a little (or a lot) of help from your IT department to make it work. Especially if the data will leave your local network. 2. The cost of sensors, cables and electrician's time can far outweigh the cost of the core system. Don't forget to take this into... [ more ]
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Dual Volts Adapter CSI Model A06290V
Registered Member Did you make an adapter yet? Walt [ more ]
Registered Member Just to be clear, I have a 2120-2 analyzer with CSI-626 Volts-Accel. 2-channal adapter. Your analyzer and/or adapter may be different. Pin Assignments per your figure with A & B are input BNC channels: A-Volts on Pin-23 and A-Accel. on Pin-21 B-Volts on Pin-18 and B-Accel. also on Pin-18 Pin-22 is shield and common for both A & B and Volts and Accel. switch setting. These pin-outs were obtained with a digital VOM meter with Ohms-speaker setting. You can check your adapter the same... [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks for the answer Observing the diagram of the DB 25, can you indicate the connection pins using the number of the diagram presented please Att Reginald [ more ]
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Portable Vibration analyzers Comparison
Registered Member Hello @Registered Member yes it collects routes which can be setup from the software. The trending can be done too in the software. You can contact the distributor directly, if you want you can include my reference (Waqas from UAE). [ more ]
Registered Member Only a vibrations analyzer? Does it collect routes? Can you trend process readings as well as vibration readings? It’s an interesting looking tool. Who sells it in Uk and Ireland? [ more ]
Registered Member Dear Ali, since you are looking for an Analyzer with good options and both cost effective, I suggest that you look apart from the usual brands in the market. There are several options available and these analyzers give you quite useful data with reasonable price.. One of the option is the Analyzer from Crystal Instruments, they have recently launched a new model which is only a Vibration Analyzer CoCo-70X Read more here https://www.crystalinstruments...x-vibration-analyzer They have another... [ more ]
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Bearing temperature rise over time
Registered Member 85 C = 185 F, if my math is correct. The word "normal" means different things to different people. Normal can mean possible to happen in real world and it not uncommon. If this is what you mean, than this is "normal" in my world. We can discuss the reasons for the increase but my feelings are you want to ask if the increase is acceptable or not. Typically, when I analyze data and it's acceptance, I don't investigate why data is acceptable. I do investigate if the temperature (or other... [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks for replies, We divided Bearings temperature data into Operational period only (steady state) and saw that temperature of all bearings is gradually rising over 3 year period (from start till now). For example from 68 to 85 (for active thrust bearing). Comparing to the neighbor pump we see the same trend, however the temperature less for 3-4 degree. We assume this is because there is more frequent top up in the lube tank. So, is this normal behavior for bearings temperature over time? [ more ]
Registered Member Your question is much too general. It is reasonable to expect bearing temperatures to rise over time. I assume you are talking about from start to fully operational? The real question is to what maximum level? Is it different than what you have measured before? or compared to a similar pump? What does your pump manufacturer say? If "over time" you mean at NOP/NOT over months of operation, then you might, as suggested, consider too much lubricant being added. Once you answer those questions... [ more ]
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performance monitoring standard code
Registered Member dear sir we have some critical machines like gas turbine , multi stage centrifugal pump, centrifugal compressor,reciprocating comp at gas refinery .we are interesting to doing performance monitoring during operation ,so i am looking for practical requirements and specification for those best regards [ more ]
Registered Member Is the machine in question a power plant? If so you can trend something as simple heat rate or break it down to individual components or subsets. More info required. [ more ]
Registered Member dear guy no i mean performance condition monitoring doing beside other condition monitoring Technics like vibration and oil analysis . [ more ]
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Surveillance Test on Condition Monitoring
Registered Member You might like to explore books which talks about IoT for maintenance management the name of book is "Handbook of Condition Monitoring: Techniques and Methodology" [ more ]
Registered Member No It doesn’t tell you enough [ more ]
Registered Member life-data analysis in method of weibull analysis, the data come from CMMS e.g. TTF, failure mode etc. [ more ]
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Storage of turbomachinery spare rotors
Registered Member if you want refurbish and dynamic balancing at 2.5 grade? we can do [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Guys, I need the OEM manual about conservation procedure for rotors [ more ]
Registered Member What JohnPA said is that you don't have to rotate turbomachinery rotors which are stored horizontally because any sagging can be "relaxed" by slow rolling during the initial start up process. Is my understanding about his statement is right? [ more ]
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High vibration
Registered Member fan side its possible to remove and take reading whether its smooth means, fan to be dynamic balancing at 2.5 Grade on shop floor machine [ more ]
Registered Member Is the fan impeller mounted directly onto gear out shaft? [ more ]
Registered Member Dear Sir , yes it is 2X of Gear O.P shaft but what about the Fan readings , is not there provision to take Fan readings , i think fan directly mounted on out put shaft . 1. 4H to 4 V phase difference is 90 indicates Balancing problem . But 2. 1A to 2A ,2H to 2V and 4A to 3A Phase difference is nearly 180 indicates misalignment . as per the data i would suggest first to check & correct Machine train alignment then after you could check & Correct Fan balancing .If you have complete... [ more ]
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How to find exact source of Rotor imbalance in centrifugal blowers?
Registered Member If the problem is repeatable start to start, why not just balance it? I've seen a number of people search for the right spot to balance - if that is part of your question. However, the place to balance is anywhere that is accessible (including safe to place a weight) and for which the rotor responds. [ more ]
Registered Member if you prepare data like above then it is possible to pin point the source of unbalance ie phase reading and vibration data [ more ]
Registered Member ❤️
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Signal Processing in Matlab
Registered Member Here is a good search link for vibration analysis with Matlab: Walt [ more ]
Registered Member I would agree with the comments from Walt about the expected type of bearing used for classic small motors. So analysts monitoring these machines do not really need deep details about orbit and other plots associated with fluid film bearings. Nevertheless, a very good reference for fluid film bearings is Orbit magazine that is issued by Bently Nevada (GE). The archived articles are free to download and very helpful as many of them explain the theory in a simple language but with industrial... [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks Walt. I won't get anymore information until I get there as its in a different country and run through my uni, so all I can do at the moment is practice and gain general info. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find some journal bearing proximity probe data to practice the shaft position, orbit plots, spectrum and waveform with would you? Thanks Matt [ more ]
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Rockwell 's Dynamix 2500
Registered Member Did you try the phone? I have not contacted them in a while, so I don't know the status of their business. Walt [ more ]
Registered Member Does Tezzco still exist? I try to contact them many times by mail/contact forms and no answers... Can you give me advice for SKF CMVA65 micrologs repairs? Than you very much. [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks for the tips guys. We tried Tezzco for repair of an enpac 2500 with mixed results but might try the datapac [ more ]
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ADRE Over / Under Range?
Registered Member With respect to the 208P/Adre for Windows software, I do not think the "overhead" for the A/D converter is as high as 50%. That is a spec we (I worked for BN) generally didn't publish but the value of 5% or 20% overhead capability is common in industrial design. I personally would not use anything above the 20% level for either the 208P or 408DSPi. [ more ]
Registered Member If this is the 208 system then it saves the data up to 50% over the Full Scale Range (10 mil FS goes to 15 mils). Yes the samples are labeled "Flagged Data" and can be included or excluded from the plots. If this is the 408 then I am not sure. Talmadge [ more ]
Registered Member Straight from the Help file. As far as over ranging, there is some headroom and as best I recall it is about 10% to 20%. [ more ]
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How to do bump test using SKF GX
Registered Member Dave [ more ]
Registered Member Also Please guide me how to perform bump test using SKF GX [ more ]
Registered Member procedure is more or less the same for all analyzers. it will tell you when to bump using a mallet or anything that can serve best the purpose. I had done it using SKF Microlog and CSI but i am not doing it myself now so can't give you the step by step. I suggest you post it again on VIBRATION Posting board [ more ]
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Effects of Sea water on offshore containers
Registered Member Thank you very much, this is extremely helpful. We normally use red oxide but we coat just once. I would apply the methods you have explained. [ more ]
Registered Member I have worked on a sea shore plant and observed that all metal structures were getting corroded frequently. We had adopted a practice of doing a Zinc oxide spray coating on metal structures which provided a good shielding against corrosion for about 5 yrs. I am not sure weather it will be suitable in your application or not. Procedure for Zinc oxide spray coating will be easily available on internet and what we followed is as bellow 1. Clean the surface by buffing/sand blasting 2. Applying... [ more ]
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How to Unlock Database Master Trend CSI
Registered Member Dear apologize for the inconvenience, I need the Database Master Trend I am looking for the program urgently, I am without work and I need the program to do a job that came out to me, I live in Venezuela thanks for what you can do for me. Thank you [ more ]
Registered Member We used to have to do this occasionally. I can't remember exactly how its been way too long ago. There is a lock file in the file structure that needs to be deleted but I can't remember the name of it. The file will be recreated when you restart MasterTrend. Don't just start deleting files. I would call CSI they are the ones who told us how to do it. [ more ]
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Vibration for motor of milling machine
Registered Member Husky100, I have sent you a private message explaining the questions on your waveform. Thanks and Have a Great Day, Ralph [ more ]
Registered Member hi RALPH STEWART ! thanks for your further infor. i would like to give you some usable answer and btw you can get the total visual for analyze waveform. -this data is recorded for new motor with being coupled with rotor during working with real production. -Due to our setting for analog analyzer instrument , it not calculate the delta difference frequency. regarding to 1x impact you are right it rerquency at 0.01 sec interval. To get more detail i can update with waveform for this note with... [ more ]
Registered Member Husky100, Can you tell and show us what the frequency difference between the 1x impacts are in your acceleration waveform of the motor inboard vertical? Also, is this data from the "new" motor? And is the data taken with the motor coupled and running the mill loaded? Can you post a picture of the actual machine instead of just a generic picture of a mill? See the attached image. Thanks and Have a Great Day, Ralph [ more ]
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