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What is your opinion of the "Scheduler" in Maximo
Registered Member What are the components of your calculated? [ more ]
Registered Member ❤️
Registered Member One of the most utilized Scheduler functions is the ability to update multiple records using the Modify Work Details and Mass Update fields. As a Planner, a lot of time is spent opening each individual record to re-schedule or update work orders. Scheduler makes it possible to enter Scheduled Start and Finish dates in the table view, or by using drag and drop functionality. Additionally, the Planner/Scheduler can change the Lead, Supervisor, Owner, Crew etc. quickly and efficiently with one... [ more ]
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Work Execution™ MaximoWorld A Reliabilityweb Event Discussion Maximo Forum
MTBF for Location Tag or group of Assets
Registered Member MTBF CB collected at tag n asset levels. [ more ]
Registered Member Do u use a breakdown field with downtime to be entered? [ more ]
Registered Member Getting good data always seems to be the hardest part of any analysis. How about you implement an SOP to get some standardization and accountability into your data collection? Do you use problem codes? Do you use job plans on your PMs? If you use a data querying software you might have better luck putting specific limits on your query to narrow the data down for better results. [ more ]
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MRO For IT Asset Management
Registered Member There are various ERP softwares available for Small and Medium businesses. One of the proven and highly scalable ERP product available for SMB’s with Supply Chain, Purchasing, Order management and Human Resource Management & Finance functions is SmartERP. You can read more details about the software here. Enterprise Asset Management ERP systems ERP systems for Small and Medium Businesses. Supply chain management, Asset Management ERP Software [ more ]
Registered Member Our Finance Dept, defined "fixed assets" and put in the CMMS. Fixed asset is any tangible object (not a part) above a certain value. Could also be a desk or a chair [ more ]
Registered Member MRO Software has expanded their technology footprint to include all assets within the enterprise. Having started in plant and facilities, they then expanded the product capabilities to included fleet assets, and have now developed integrated technology to handle the unique requirements of IT assets. The intent is to provide a single "rational suite" of products that allow an organization to manage all assets from a single product line. This is all found in the latest version of Maximo:... [ more ]
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Problem, Cause and Remedy
Registered Member U might want to check on ISO14224 but this is written for the oil & gas industry. For power plants, doesn't EPRI produce a similar document for reference by users? [ more ]
Registered Member [ more ]
Registered Member Does anyone have a set of Failure Classifications, Problem Codes, Cause Codes and Remedy Codes they could share? Our current CMMS does not have this set up yet. I would like to see how others have set this up and copy/pillage (leverage) what I can rather than invent from scratch. The site is a one on one combined cycle cogen plant. Thanks, Richard. [ more ]
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Work Found During PM (Scheduled vs Unscheduled)
Registered Member Hi Michael, I think you are generally on the right track for the appropriate tracking of PM generated corrective work. I have been working with asset management systems since 1993 ranging from MPII DataStream, Mainsaver and now more recently Maximo 7.5 and the good news is that this problem can be resolved in any system simply by adding a Work Type called PMO (Meaning - Preventive Maintenance Generated / can be used on parent or child work orders). Once this is done you can query and search... [ more ]
Registered Member Josh, There is no specific score that I know of and after 7 years of consulting industries ranging from automotive manufacturing, power generation, federal facilities, convention centers and local government I can tell you that it would be impossible to get buy in to a one number ratio score. Some things you should consider in establishing your ratio is what kind of system redundancies exist on the asset being maintained, and what kind of PM scheduling is in used calendar or usage based. [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Michael, I agree with this approach and would expand on it to say that the disconnect this person posting refers to is a good thing. If you add a work type called PMO (PM Originated) only to be used for these type of PM Originated work orders the costs rolls up to the activities of PM, the Asset and Location AND demonstrates independantly the % of Work Orders and associated work hours that are crucial in understanding the amount of PM effectiveness which is trendable over time. Be aware... [ more ]
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Importing Measurement Points to Maximo 4.1
Registered Member I hadn't heard of File Wedge but I will have a look at it. Thanks. [ more ]
Registered Member Have you considered using File Wedge? [ more ]
Registered Member The it guy need to map the corresponding fields for you. Each filed is coded. [ more ]
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Master PM's in Maximo
Registered Member Thanks Jeff, That's a useful document. It's awesome that they had the resources to put that together. Sounds like you might be using PM Hierarchies as opposed to Master PM's to create a list of associated work orders whenever one of the PM's triggers - such as when you have a to-do list of PM's for when a machine or train comes off line. If the work orders are in a hierarchy also then I think you are right, you can't close the top level unless all the subordinate WO's are closed. Does this... [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Richard, I know we use them but not as our first choice. I don't understand them very well, but I guess the master PM work order won't close unless all of the child PM work orders are closed. Here's a link to one of the best Maximo resourses I've found. It does a pretty good job of explaining the Maximo modules. It lacks a bit in the meter-based PM area. [ more ]
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Equipment Parent-Child relationships... advantages?
Registered Member EDIT "First post is responding to a thread over a year old"......... My experience is that a parent child relationship between assets or equipment causes more problems than it generates in data. My recommendation is that you set up your locations so that they follow a very easy drilldown through your facility. The lowest level location will be what would have been your "lowest level parent asset". The assets assigned to this location will be the components associated that equipment. For... [ more ]
Registered Member The parent child relation is very useful to track sub assemblies which may rotate between parent equipment. For example an 3 indexer tables have 20 heads installed on on each indexer and 15 spare heads. All heads are interchangeable. The parent child relation allows for locating a head that can be in one of 4 areas (3 indexers and a spares area) [ more ]
Registered Member If the relationship is built with the parent child then the sub assemblies spare parts etc stay with the parent / child if moved from the location. [ more ]
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Registered Member I do not. Sorry. I think there should be a way to do it, but I don't know it. [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks for the tip. Any idea how to make that the default query? [ more ]
Registered Member If you go to the top and click "View" then "Current Query" you will get a popup of the current query. Go to the end of the query and add " order by reportdate desc" then click Execute. You can use any field to "order by" and you can either do it "desc" for descending or "asc" for ascending. You can get the field name by right clicking in the field and clicking "What's this?". Hope this helps. [ more ]
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Import Meter Readings - Maximo 4.1
Registered Member RF, I don't think that is a question you can get an answer to here. there are so many factors to consider. How many and what type of licences do you need, do you want an "Out of the Box" set up of will you need customization, do you have existing data to tansfer (location/equipment heirachy, WO history, PO's, vendor lists, spare parts inventory, etc.) or are you starting from a blank sheet, are you hosting multiple sites from central servers or is it a separate instance for one or more... [ more ]
Registered Member I would like to ask what is the normal cost for a CMMS, like Maximo 5.2. I really appreciate your answer and feedback. Thanks in advance. [ more ]
Registered Member No problem. No it has to be in .csv format. Don't forget there is no undue button. I made an excel sheet that in one column I put the new reading and one I keep the old reading and use a formula to check the difference to make sure I didn't fat finger something. If there is an error (rollover or incorrect format) there will be an error file created starting with "IMER". [ more ]
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Calendar-based and meter-based at same time?
Registered Member I have the same with a diesel generator. Also vertical turbine pump motors with oil lubricated bearings - change oil every 4000h or at least once per year, and can't always guarantee the pump pairs will be rotated evenly. Richard. [ more ]
Registered Member We have equipment that goes to inactive status when we're not running that particular process. The equipment is moved to storage. We want a maximum time interval on some PMs to exercise the equipment. Since the meter isn't running in storage it's a good solution. Another application is, say, oil changes on generators. You might want to change the oil with 2000 hours of usage but not to exceed 1 year of time. Oil is one of those items which degrade by multiple mechanisms: usage by heat and... [ more ]
Registered Member For what equipment do you guys use both time and meter triggers? [ more ]
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Mobile Solution for Maximo MXS (6)
Registered Member **** Vendor Alert ***** FYI, Design Maintenance Systems, Inc. also has a handheld solution that will interface with Maximo. They have a rep in Charleston that I am sure would be happy to come show you how this works. You can visit for more info on the product. If interested let them know and they can give you local rep's contact info. Regards, Marty [ more ]
Registered Member We use(d) a handheld device. Most of the guys prefer their laptop because Mobile Maximo works better from it. At least one manager here suggested a PC Tablet might be a better approach than handhelds. You could get a USB barcode scanner for a tablet or laptop. I ran into a great forum dedicated to Maximo, here's the link. [ more ]
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Equipment Hierarchy/Location Hierarchy
Registered Member MAXIMO 4X had SYSTEMs. [ more ]
Registered Member Many of our more complicated skids of course have an equipment number. But there are also instruments, pumps and other components on the skid that also have equipment numbers that are children to the parent skid. So each of the children equipments have spares of their own attached to them, as well as their direct replacement. If I attach the BOM to the parent, and then children replacements to the children I will not reflect the actual number of parts on the skid. I will have multiplied many... [ more ]
Registered Member I understand the location hierarchy, and have used it with Maximo in every location. My suggestion of using the P&ID is as a separate field in which you could search assets by, and open work orders/requests. Then you could schedule those W/O's that are tied to the same P&ID if the entire system will be taken down. As for equipment, I would like to think what I would find would be a parent asset, and BOM as child. I can't imagine why you would use it any other way, but I'm all ears! [ more ]
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Maximo 4.1 Upgrade....worthwhile?
Registered Member ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can consider the following: A. do nothing B. change softwares C. do upgrade internally D. do upgrade with outside assistance If you are already considering going to different CMMS/EAM solution then perhaps yo are saying ...the data in your current system isnt that valuable. Or -- you may not have any significant INTEGRATIONS in place. Also note, if considering other packages, some competitor products are specific to that industry (which is yours?)... [ more ]
Registered Member Our company switched from Maximo 4.11 to Maximo 5.2. It has been a worthwhile upgrade to get our work orders in electronic form. Our data is entered directly by the technician instead of transferred from paper to database and then archived. Good stuff. [ more ]
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PM and Pdm for Valves and Instruments
Registered Member Formmy point of view, it would be mandatory to classify the valves including not only valves types but also valves working conditions. To complete it successfully, you have to sit with their site process engineers and maintenance enginners to conduct a failure mode efficience analysis. it is a time comsuming job you need to plan it well. otherwise, you will delay the project. [ more ]
Registered Member i think you should register all the tag first then follow your maintenance strategy for the pm [ more ]
Registered Member We are also in implementation stage of Maximo. What we have done in the beginning is excluding the minor motors, pumps, valves of package units. For example, a small plant that produces nitrogen or air etc. [ more ]
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Downtime Reduction
Registered Member Steve and anyother reader here are some ppt slides on some ideas to prepare a presentation and some training material on Downtime Reduction. I am seeking any case studies, examples etc [ more ]
Registered Member Thanks Steve, Agree 100% with your comments, just for the ppt I am preparing was thinking of keeping the concepts different. Statistical is an idea I got from a Howard Finlay way back in 1981 usng probability plotting paper. Will prepare a some slides with my ideas. [ more ]
Registered Member Hi David, I dont think that the two approaches are independent. I think you can use statistical approaches in teams. Maybe you can clarify what you mean by statistical methods. Looking at data will only tell you trends, averages, relative sizes etc. Typically people or teams provide the solutions. Can you elaborate and we can try to help. Rgds Steve [ more ]
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Work Execution™ MaximoWorld A Reliabilityweb Event Discussion Maximo Forum
Registered Member Our company use the Documentum interface with the attachment in MAXIMO 6.0. [ more ]
Registered Member We are using attachments in 6.2.1 and they work very well. The only place we haven't gotten them working yet is in the self service application (a customer entering a service request). Seems to me if attachments work in 5.2 and 6.2, they should also work in 6.0. [ more ]
Registered Member We are in Maximo 5.2. I like having attachments. Now we can understand more about what drove the work order or what the result of the work order was. All within view electronically. No missing the old paper based system here. [ more ]
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Maximo Upgrades / Mobile Maximo
Registered Member Shelley--> Glad to see your vision of the system seems pretty positive so far. I have been a MAXIMO users for about 7 years now, from 4.1, 5.2 and now 6.0. I really enjoyed working with teh application, but i want to push it to the fields.... i am really interested in the mobile Work Manager application. Any info will be really appreciated on how it performed, what kind of devices you have been usign and what company did you use for the integration .... Thanks [ more ]
Registered Member initially, we wanted to start using PDAs with 4.1.1 but due to too many customizations we were encouraged to upgrade to 6.0, which we did. Sorry to say, after the upgrade, our contractors are not using the PDAs because they keep locking up due to server issues or mis-entries on their part i.e.,entering future dates. We installed MMWM software and it too has fell short of our expectations. Contractors can not scan an asset for history purposes, unless there is an open work order against that... [ more ]
Registered Member Our Maximo upgrade from 4.1.1 to 6.2.1 was successful for the most part. Our IT folks are still working on a punch list, which we keep adding to, but most of the items are enhancements, reports, and screen changes. Functionally, 6.2.1 has worked well. We installed Mobile Inventory Manager, and it has been less successful. IBM has been working closely with us to resolve the issues, so hopefully things will get better soon. Due to the problems with Mobile Inventory Manager, we have not yet... [ more ]
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