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Work Execution ManagementPosts About Oracle eAM
Oracle EAM failures code and resolution
Registered Member There are various ERP softwares available for Small and Medium businesses. One of the proven and highly scalable ERP product available for SMB’s with Supply Chain, Purchasing, Order management and Human Resource Management & Finance functions is SmartERP. You can read more details about the software here. ERP systems for Small and Medium Businesses . [ more ]
Registered Member Try to refer to ISO14224 or else ask technical discipline engineers to prepare them. [ more ]
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Work Execution ManagementPosts About Oracle eAM
JD Edwards used as CMMS
Registered Member Over a year later, how has it treated you Pyrate? [ more ]
Registered Member What was your CMMS being stripped away and replaced with JDE? If indeed this has been done, the transition and migration period should be managed properly. There should be a change and immersion program implemented for all users. Any expert or super users trained for JDE? What are the reasons for changing your CMMS with JDE? Was it because your CMMS is a stand-alone system? That said, the work order history, asset master data, PM plan, task list, spart part list etc. should be transferred... [ more ]
Registered Member I used it for 4 years after using SAP for about 6. Very restrictive and rigid to me. I did really like the ability to upload to the system from Excel and to export data as well. That said, to me, you should not have to use a second application to manipulate data. A CMMS should have that capability. [ more ]
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Work Execution ManagementPosts About Oracle eAM
Oracel WAM Full Circle Conference
Registered Member Cathy and her group did a great job organizing the event last year in Vancouver, WA. I think we had about 120 people last year and this year is supposed to be even bigger. [ more ]
Registered Member This is a great event - and from those who remember the great Syngeren User Group meetings - the Oracle WAM meeting is managed by the same Cathy McCause. [ more ]
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Work Execution ManagementPosts About Oracle eAM
Creating PM Schedules
Registered Member did you get the answer?it is easy. Just go to PM backlog and from form go to PM schedule.for calendar ,enterthe number of days and for meter enter the number of hours.Selct the service type first.That is it! [ more ]
Registered Member Trevor just came across this post - if you're having difficulty I may be able to get the anwers - we use 8.10 and have a great consultant who usually answers questions for free! [ more ]
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Work Execution ManagementPosts About Oracle eAM
Any opinions on JD Edwards enterpriseone for a beginner
Registered Member Now JDE is taken over by Oracle. Now Called Oracle Enterprise 1 8.11.Release 8.12 also is available now. It is flexible. I have worked SAP PM and PeopleSoft (JDE -Old),Business process is completely different though. But the functinality such as Work order,Schedules, Condition monitoring module and integration to Inventory and purchase is available. [ more ]
Registered Member Corporate Overlords ussually don't have time to answer questions from the Maintenance Department of the plants they control from Mount Olympus. Better try to get attention from a lower rank count near you. [ more ]
Registered Member Hi,thanks for the offers of help. As of right now I don't have any specific questions because I'm still waiting for a response from our corporate overlords and won't have access to the program until then. I'll post back to this thread when I have more information/questions. Jane,I believe they're using 8.10 [ more ]
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Work Execution ManagementPosts About Oracle eAM
oracle cmms
Registered Member Oracle is a widely known company that develop software for database management systems (DBMS), server management and others. Recently through adquisitions have expanded to other markets. Many CMMS uses Oracle databases as the tool to manage the orders, equipment, and other multiple databases required by the CMMS. For example SAP R/3 runs using Oracle database products. Oracle adquired JD Edwards that produces CMMS software applications. Check: [ more ]
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Work Execution ManagementPosts About Oracle eAM
JD Edwards
Registered Member Mike, [ more ]
Registered Member Mike, I have extensive experience with JDE as as end user and can direct you to an excellent resource if you need assitance with implementation, etc. I've implemented "World" version of both the Equipment & Plant Maintenance (E&PM = CMMS)and Job Cost Modules. These are both the older character based "green screen" version although I know that their newer Entrprise is more current. From what I'm reading Oracle is committed to maintain JDE for the foreseeable future (10 yrs +/-). JDE... [ more ]
Registered Member I haven't personally used JD Edwards but my initial impression (from people I know that have used it) is that it is similar to SAP. [ more ]
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