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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
The Problem With Energy Efficiency
Registered Member Nuclear reactors at least in the United States have been regulated into a corner where the cost to construct a new one is so high that it is impractical to do so. Hence gas plants are springing up like weeds.. Plus there is a simple economic reason for this. Even before fracking came along, the United States has always been essentially the "Middle East" of natural gas. We have so much that unless it is very high quality, we just flare off the excess. There are of course a lot of niche... [ more ]
Registered Member Maura, Good article, and I appreciate how it addressed the need for some developing societies to use more energy, not less. Reduction in energy usage in developed economies can help offset some of that. Immediate adoption of the most efficient technologies the developing economy can afford is another helpful method for ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption. The article mentions that in order to completely mitigate the carbon emissions problem, that we need to adopt different energy... [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Repair vs Replace decisions - environmental impact
Registered Member The Energy Impact According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly 40 percent of energy consumed in America goes to generate electricity. As a result, the repair vs . replace decision is largely influenced by whether the product in question draws electricity. [ more ]
Registered Member To repair or replace, that is the question... Many factors do play into that discusson and it is really on a case by case basis. How about replace then repair. Now I'm confusing people. About being "Green", well what are we talking about here, small throw away gearboxes or multi-million dollar tooling. Well I think I just answered my own question. If the cost to repair is more than the replacement cost, then you are just wasting (the company's) time and money. Maybe you can't replace it or... [ more ]
Registered Member On the flip side though, 'replace' decisions keep the economy active, jobs secure and everybody happy. Will it keep the economy competitive? One example I came across, retube leaking reboiler or even waste heat boiler and use until next shutdown while fabricating replacement units. [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Green restrooms
Registered Member I'm not a big fan of the color of LED lights. Minor factor but a factor all the same. [ more ]
Registered Member I completely agree with Pete and Danny; BUT if people wash their hands properly - and dry them properly - there would be less of a hygiene issue when it comes down to touching handles etc. and therefore there would be no need for hands-free! Drying hands properly (with recycled paper of course) significantly reduces the amount of bacteria on your hands and therefore maximizes hygiene within the washroom. I think there are ways to balance the amount of Green with Hygiene!? Sustainability is... [ more ]
Registered Member So far as door you really need locks/latches on the restroom doors? A view blocking partition would eliminate sightline problems and just install an out-swing self-closing door with no lock or latch. Unless I missed it, no one has mentioned a skylight! Terry, we average 280 sunny days a year here in the sunshine state! With the reflective light conduits available you do not even need straight line access. Unless you plan to work a lot of nights you may never need to turn a light... [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Motor KW Used Comparision
Registered Member EASA "Guidelines for Repair or Replace Decisions..." US Department of Energy Motor Repair Tech Brief [ more ]
Registered Member Walter , I have atached some SKF papers about replacement old motor and payback period . . Good luck [ more ]
Registered Member Old motor - no capital cost, already depreciated? Just rebuild cost. Any PM costs? How many times rebuild over a period of time say 10 years? New motor - new acquisition cost of 11K. Any rebuild expected over the same period of 10 years? Any PM costs? Any energy savings over 10 years? When is payback? Can use ROI comparison here? [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Sonoxide Ultrasonic versus Chemicals for Water Treatment
Registered Member Is it better than the chemical system? Any comparison table? [ more ]
Registered Member This topic is interesting to me because I once installed 2 chemical dosing skids for boiler and steam systems. [ more ]
Registered Member Jack, We were recently hired by Griswold to provide service and consulting at Jacksonville Electric Authority. The Griswold WAVE is used on three large district cooling systems there. The Griswold Wave is designed to control microbiological growth and scale formation. It is doing a very good job of controlling microbiological growth. The biocount is consistently less that 1,000 cfu/ml. It does not kill algae but does reduce the algae growth. We recently began testing an ultrasonic system for... [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Domestic Solar Panels
Registered Member I have not installed any solar panels on my home but have come across them installed on oil platforms. That's why I asked what make because I came across a few makes like Shell solar panels etc. In fact looking for spare parts was difficult in one case. [ more ]
Registered Member Josh, I am not sure if the make or the incentives in a given country affects the experiences of those who jave already installed them. I am requesting them to share their expoeriences. From your questions it appears you have not installed them so far. If I am mistaken, please add your experiences. [ more ]
Registered Member What brand that you installed? [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
What is Green Reliability?
Registered Member Here is what China is doing to cut energy usage for its development: "China passed the United States in 2006 to become the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, which scientists link to global warming. But China also has an ambitious program to cut the energy it uses for each unit of economic output by 20 percent by the end of 2010, compared to 2006." Taken from [ more ]
Registered Member What is the US govt's alternative to Kyoto protocol? Just want to know the other side of the story. [ more ]
Registered Member Or at least part of it. But, then again, Canada is still fairly friendly with us and it would have to go through Canada on the way here. Vee: I don't think we disagree at all. The challenge we have all had to face is getting the companies we work for to take action! At this point, our industry is having a challenge addressing that point with management, much less politically (although I am finding I am being invited to speak more and more often on the RME&E perspective). The problem on... [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
ISO 14000
Registered Member Hey GiantOCR, you have a Giant task in front of you should you take this on. We are in stage two (third party)audit at our facility and it was a monster of a task to get here. ISO 14000 covers everything from securing document sign off templates used every day like fork lift readiness, safety, and condition to ensuring lubricants and chemicals can not be inter-mingled in storage. 5 S gave us a leg up as far as organizing (everything has a place and every thing in its place when not in use). [ more ]
Registered Member Hi GiantOCR, You may suggest that some of these things may be covered by ISO 14000. - paperless transactions (justify how you were able to automate transactions when your company for example was able to achieve paperless or even lessen you paper transactions by an acceptable percentage. - awareness across all departments on putting a signature on your email with something like this - "do not print this email if it's not that important. Let's save paper and ink and help mother earth". - Use... [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Environmental Critical Maintenance
Registered Member I'm sure BP in the UK would have this kind of technical standards as well. Loss of containment above certain set target levels would affect the environment. So leak prevention management is important. [ more ]
Registered Member I tought safety-critical systems would be listed in UKOOA manual or booklet for the oil & gas industry. Can search for this internet. The UKOOA manual would also list all critical maintenance activties or modification works or temporary repairs which need to be tracked. If anyone can get hold on Shell DEP standards especially on process system and equipment tagging codification, I thought the safety or environment critical items can be easily identified. [ more ]
Registered Member Hi Josh. Thank you for your help. I am working now, although I am no expert in this field, so I am technically a student, as I am learning! Chris [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Biggest Opportunity
Registered Member Howard, Many thanks for posting these case studies which are very helpful in quantifying claims and justifying proposals. Any others you have and able to publish will be most welcome. Cranus, thanks for dispelling some of the myths about CFLs. [ more ]
Registered Member I thought you might find the following article from interesting: In regards to dangers of CFL's. Looking forward the the advent of LED's. [ more ]
Registered Member This is a pretty good resource for starting out: [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Wine Bottles
Registered Member Dana, Dave, Recycled glass is not quite the same as recycled bottles! In Europe, glass beer bottles can be recycled through the manufacturer - you pay a deposit amount to the supermarket or wine shop, and they return it when you bring back the empty bottles . But in the same Europe, it is somehow uneconomic (sic) to do the same with wine bottles. Unlike the Maryland story from Dave, in Europe bottles are separated at source: we have separate containers for clear, green and brown bottles. But... [ more ]
Registered Member Vee, The discussion is really be about more than just wine bottles. A consumer society by its very nature is Consuming. Where we live here in Maryland, all of our recycling goes into the same bin…paper, glass, plastic, metal, everything…same bin (we have seperate cans for trash). Its then transported, sorted, processed, and what doesn’t make the sort gets land-filled or burned. It seems to me that the bulk of the population doesn’t care what really happens as long and they just throw what to... [ more ]
Registered Member Reading this today piqued my curiosity...I did a quick search and came across an interesting tidbit. Gallo has laid claim as the largest wine bottle manufacturer in the world with roughly 50% of their glass being recycle material. The article confirms the discussion about marketing strategies and bottles. I also wonder if wine bottles generally would survive multiple reuses. We should all consider, at least those of us old enough to remember , the very substantial bottles used formerly for... [ more ]
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Reliability Engineering for MaintenancePosts about Sustainability - Green Reliability
Power Factor Correction
Registered Member It's tough to say whether power factor is transferred through a transformer. Power factor describes the relationship between reactive power (vars) and real power (watts). The system obeys a var balance and a real power watt balance. All of the vars and watts consumed on the load side of the transformer are transferred through the transformer, assuming there are no other var or watt sources on the load side of the transformer. Additionally, the transformer itself consumes of vars: There is a... [ more ]
Registered Member On the subject of power factor correction, I have a question on a problem with our power system. We have two cogenerators rated 450 KW each. They are used primarily for heatand power and operate at 480 volt with a power factor set at .90. When on line with PG & E, they maintain the power factor but with our system set up we back feed thru a 1500 KW transformer into our system grid of 21 KV to distribute through the rest of the system. However the power factor on the system is any where... [ more ]
Registered Member Kris, Thanks, you are too kind. I hope you find the book interesting, and more importantly, useful. There are many more such stories there. As chidren, we are inquisitive. As we grow older, some of us get embarrased by seeming too curious. I guess I am still a child at heart. [ more ]
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